Visit Zion National Park...RIGHT NOW!

ZionZionSearching for the perfect fall getaway? Look no further than Zion National Park! I just spent three terrific days at Zion, hiking by day (in 100 degree heat!), and relaxing in the charming desert hamlet of Springdale, Utah, by night. Whether you're a casual visitor or a seasoned adventurer, Zion has trails for every level of hiker, from the peaceful Riverside Walk to the steep and arduous Angels Landing. Though short, the trip was one of the best vacations of my life and I can't recommend this beautiful and majestic park enough. And if you do decide to go, don't forget to check out one of our many park guides.

101 Places Not to See Before You Die

Didn’t get time to travel over the summer? Don’t fret. Author Catherine Price’s new book 101 Places Not to See Before You Die describes in detail all of the places you never should have bothered to see. From The Museum of Tap Water in Beijing (sounds thrilling) to the germy Blarney Stone in Ireland, Price has done the legwork so you don’t have to. One particularly exciting-sounding destination that caught my attention is the Karostas Cietums Prison Hotel in Liepaja, Latvia where, and I quote, “guests” of the prison sleep on iron beds or prison bunks. For an extra-special occasion, you can arrange to be abducted at your workplace and delivered to the hotel.” Check out the author’s blog to follow Price’s further adventures in travel madness.

Music for the Road

The US 12 Heritage Trail sounds like a fun road trip. I also like their list of Best Road Trip Songs, including Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett and Truckin' by The Grateful Dead. Some weekend this summer, I'd like to check out a bunch of road-music CDs and head for the highway.

Reacquaint yourself with Sex and the City!


Reacquaint yourself with the first feature length film starring Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha and Mr. Big!

The new film, Sex and the City 2, is opening tonight at 11:59 pm. This movie is set two years after the original. Carrie and Big are feeling more settled in their marriage, Charlotte is dealing with raising two daughters, Miranda is back on track with Steve, and Samantha is still a serial dater at 52. However, while everything seems great on the surface, the women are feeling a bit restless, and when Samantha gets a job offer that includes an all expenses paid trip to India for 4, the women embark on a new adventure.

For ticket and show times information, checkout Yahoo’s movie page.

AADL also owns five seasons of the TV Series on DVD.

Italian Holiday?

Ever dream of going to Italy? Can't afford it? Using the library is a great alternative!

First, you can experience the sights through art books in our collection. The works of greats such as Botticelli, Bernini, Michelangelo, and Caravaggio will transport you into the culture of Italy. However, if you wanted something a little closer to the real experience, you could try this book of paintings within the Uffizi. It's basically a tour in itself!

If you want to feel like you're actually walking the streets of Italy, try a book on the architecture of Brunelleschi, the famous creator of Florence's Il Duomo, or maybe something a little broader.

Perhaps you're anxious to taste some real Italian food? Unfortunately, you'll have to cook it yourself. But books on Italian Cooking will be able to make that a bit easier for you.

In order to hear Italy, you can try your hand at speaking it yourself. With our fantastic Italian language-learning collection, you'll be able to go from a beginner's lesson, to something more advanced. Although, if you tired yourself out with all that cooking, you might just like to listen to some opera.

If you're really into this whole plan, maybe you want to get some more background? There are tons of Italian history books. There are also biographies on key figures, such as Caesar, Lucrezia Borgia, Savonarola, Garibaldi, Mussolini, and the well-known Medici family.

Maybe all of these books are too much for you, and you really need a break? Well, luckily, AADL also carries movies. Something lighthearted, like Roman Holiday might help you through your journey. Or, if you'd like something a little more thrilling, perhaps The Talented Mr. Ripley? We even have films in Italian, like La Dolce Vita!

It may not be exactly the same as climbing the Spanish Steps, but it's as close as you can get without actually going! But, if you ever decide to go, don't forget your travel book.

Going on a space trip...

What would it be like to travel to another planet? Jamie Waterman, a Native American geologist gets to find-out in Ben Bova's Mars. At the last minute, Jamie is picked to fill the geology slot in the first International space expedition to Mars. When Jamie first steps onto the Martian surface, he is overwhelmed by the experience and instead of saying his canned politically correct speech, expresses himself in his native Navajo. This simple mistake launches a firestorm among the supporting nations of the expedition. Be sure to read this book to learn about how Jamie and his fellow astronauts survive their Martian experience.

Hidden Gems: Books Unjustly Dusty #6

mongol ridermongol rider

Christina Dodwell is a remarkable adventurer/traveler who also happens to be a very good writer. Her adventurous lifestyle began by chance in 1975 when she and a friend on holiday in North Africa were left abandoned and on foot by their fellow travelers. Instead of making it to the nearest airport they went on a voyage of 1,000 miles on rivers in equatorial Africa in a dugout canoe.

After her African adventure, Dodwell decided to go solo through the highlands, jungles and along the Sepik River of Papua New Guinea. Part of her journey (only 1,000 miles or so!) was on horseback where she encountered Stone-Age tribes, crocodile hunters, tribal wars and swamp-forests. In Papua New Guinea is her book about this incredible trek.

Her next adventure, detailed in A Traveller in China, began in Kashgar, an ancient hub on the Silk Road in northwestern China. She canoed in Lake Karakol, followed Marco Polo’s route to Beijing, canoed the Yellow River and was one of the first westerners to witness the Dragon Boat Race on Lake Erhai.

If that hasn’t whet your appetite for armchair adventure, check your pulse and two other books authored by Dodwell: A Traveller on Horseback and Travels with Pegasus: a Microlight Journey across West Africa

Le Photographe (The Photographer)

The French graphic novel Le Photographe (The Photographer) by Emmanuel Guibert, Didier Lefevre, and Frederic Lemercier has finally been published in the U.S. by First Second with translation by Alexis Siegel. It is the late photographer, Didier Lefevre's, story of his travels with Medecines Sans Frontieres (MSF or Doctors Without Borders) to Afghanistan in 1986. Guibert incorporates Lefevre's photos (he went through some 4000 taken in the 2 months he was there) as well as his own artwork to tell the harrowing story of which Lefevre barely survived. More importantly the novel is about the daily life of the people of Afghanistan who face disease, famine, brutal weather and of course the brutality of war. The courage of the MSF when going into war ravaged areas to perform major surgery or having to ask the Russian doctors for assistance for instance is a big part of this story. All in all an incredibly gripping story with the photos and artwork only adding to the intensity of each scene. Guibert is a well-known French artist. His Alan's War (also just recently published in the U.S.) is an Eisner nominee for best new graphic novel and yet another excellent biography.

Up the Rouge!

Author Joel Thurtell and photographer Patricia Beck, veteran Detroit Free Press staff, collaborated to produce this wonderful book about canoeing on the Rouge River—yes, the Rouge River!! The Rouge--not as well-known as the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie catching fire in 1969, but confident in its reputation as a famously polluted body of water.

You’ve Graduated: Now What?

working worldworking world

For any recent graduate looking for their first professional job, Bridget Graham and Monique Ready have written a great little book, Working World 101: The New Grad’s Guide to Getting a Job, packed with great advice about resumes, networking, interviewing and workplace etiquette.

Each chapter has a cheat sheet that covers the key points of the chapter and sprinkled throughout the book human resource professionals give important and really good tips.

Congratulations recent grads!!!!!! Now take a breath, stay confident and shove off (of course if I were you, I’d take the summer and go backpacking in Europe Europe by Eurail or the West Hostels U.S.A. and save the gung-ho job search for September—but that’s just me)!

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