Brainfuse Is Here To Help

Get help with homework or get ahead of the curve with Brainfuse, an online tutoring service. Live tutors are available from 2-11pm everyday to teach students in the subject areas of math, english, science, and social studies. You can even submit papers for comments before they get turned in for grades. This is a truly incredible resource for students from Kindergarten to college. Adult tutoring is offered as well through their Adult Learning Center. Everyone student can benefit from the use of Brainfuse.

Access to this and any of our other reference databases and resources is available at every branch of the AADL, as well as from outside the library with a valid AADL library card. For access from an outside location, please sign in to your library account, visit our reference database page, and navigate to the desired resource. To access Brainfuse, go to the research page, and select Brainfuse from the Student Papers category.

Biography in Context: Research Someone Famous!

If you are searching for biographical information about important people, click into Biography in Context. This valuable database offers reams of information on notable people from the past and present. Moreover, you will find news articles to help you place an individual life into historical context. Access to this and any of our other reference databases and resources is available at every branch of the AADL, as well as from outside the library with a valid AADL library card. For access from an outside location, please sign in to your library account, visit our reference database page, and navigate to the desired resource. To access Biography in Context, go to the research page, and select Biography in Context from the History and Biography category.

Your AADL Journal Research Database

Academic OneFile is a comprehensive database of journal articles that have been published from 1980 to 2011. These articles cover a vast array of academic genres which include history, technology, medicine, social sciences, arts, theology, and literature. Specific journal titles include; "Journal of Communication", "Journal of Southern History", and the "Journal of Social Issues". Most of these journals can be viewed in full text, and are available in HTML and PDF formats.

A few other popular features of this database includes transcripts and podcasts from National Public Radio programs, and full text coverage of the "New York Times" back to 1995. You can also peruse popular news magazines such as "Newsweek" and "The Atlantic".

Access to this database is available at every branch of the Ann Arbor District Library, as well as off site provided you have a valid Ann Arbor District Library card. You just log in to your account to obtain full access to Academic OneFile. Another bonus is that this database is updated daily to keep you “in the know!"

Finding Grant Funding For Community Nonprofits

This event, which has two sessions (Monday September 12, 2011: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm & Tuesday September 13, 2011: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm -- both at Pittsfield Branch: Training Center) is now full.

Due to the large demand for this program, we will be offering this again, in a lecture format, in the Downtown Library Multipurpose Room on Monday, December 12 from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. There will be no registration for this December session and there should be room for all.

Click on the LearningExpress Library!


Did you know that you can access dozens of practice tests and 150 e-books by going to the LearningExpress Library from our Research Pages? Just click on the Research Tab and then the click on the link that says "Test Prep". LearningExpress Library is the sole item with that heading. You will need an additional log in to access this database to take practice tests. Believe me, it's worth having a look-see for Academic preparation, Civil Services exams, Skill Building for kids and adults and So MUCH MORE!!! Free Online Resources for Educators

ThinkfinityThinkfinityVerizon Thinkfinity is a portal to thousands of free online resources for classroom, after school, and homeschool educators, including teachers, tutors, and parents.

Who develops the resources?

Led by Verizon, Thinkfinity brings together a diverse group of content partners, including ARTSEDGE of the JFK Center for the Performing Arts, EconEdLink from the Council for Economic Education, Illuminations from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and Literacy Network from the National Center for Family Literacy and ProLiteracy.

These participants contribute lesson plans, games, interactive activities, and skill-building activities for collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical-thinking for Pre-K through adult learners. These resources are aligned to state and national standards.

In Michigan, the Thinkfinity State Education partner is the Michigan Department of Education.

What resources are available?

WolframAlpha--New Search Engine That Answers Your Questions!

Do you need fast answers and facts? You can always call or visit the Ann Arbor District Library!


But this is not an advertisement for you favorite local library. Submitted for your approval is a new type of search engine under the name of WolframAlpha. This engine has new, unusual features. It will try to compile and calculate information for the searcher. Give it a try! Here are some suggested searches to try (courtesy of the website):

enter any date (e.g. a birth date)
enter any town (e.g. a home town)
enter any two stocks
enter any calculation
enter any math formula
enter any two first names
enter any food
enter any measurement
enter any chemical formula
enter any musical notes

If you try these you will find calculations and charts for mathematical problems, statistics from towns, stock comparisons, and more.

Give it a try, then leave comments here on how effective the engine is!

The 100 Best Business Books of All Time

Most people pick up a business book when trying to solve a problem. You go to a library or bookstore and find one that seems to address the situation you are in. The problem is, more slop resides in the how-to business section than just about any other category. Even my brother-in-law has written three business books!

"O Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay!"

Robert FrostRobert Frost

The AADL now subscribes to The Columbia Granger’s World of Poetry with the full text of 250,000 poems.

Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky is one. 149 Robert Frost poems are available.

Get a daily dose of poetry by visiting The Columbia Granger’s and reading the featured poem of the day.

Poems can be searched by author, title, first line, words in the poem, and subject.

You can browse by eras (for example, Augustan Era or Romantic Era), schools of poetry (for example, the Beats or the Harlem Renaissance), or language (15 languages).

Browse also offers the Top 500 Poems (the 500 most frequently anthologized poems).

The Listening Room offers audio versions of 101 poems.

Brief biographies and commentaries are provided for some poets and poems.

The Columbia Granger's may be found among the databases on the AADL Research page.

Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?


They're the people that you meet each day. And they probably belong to a Neighborhood Association that the Ann Arbor City Planning Department depends on for input and information. This handy list includes residential, commercial and watershed groups with boundary maps to boot. The Planning Commission meetings are open to the public and a great way to stay on top of development in Ann Arbor.

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