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Mr. Shepherd can be heard occasionally on NPR's All Things Considered, and he is a regular contributor to Wired magazine.

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Detroit Classic Rock Radio: A Plea For Sanity

If you asked me six years ago if I liked Bob Seger, I’d’ve said, “I don’t know who that is.” If you asked me four years ago if I liked Bob Seger I’d’ve say, “Yeah, he’s okay. I got Stranger In Town for fifty cents; it was worth it.” If you asked me right now if I liked Bob Seger, I’d say, “Are you kidding? Every disc jockey in Detroit spends their days fawning over him, his “musical influence,” and playing ev'ry cut off of Live Bullet! Just because he’s from Michigan, I have to love him? No, thank you.” Then I’d probably find a cardboard cutout of Bob Seger, just so I could punch it in the face. I routinely bring three wherever I go. You got to have backups.

All Right Boys, This Is It: Over The Hill, Conclusion

The Police had the highest grossing tour of ’07. In a (distant) second: Phil-Collins-Genesis. How did these guys manage to have successful tours while a lot of their contemporaries are relegated to running the nostalgia circuit? The successful tours have always had the buzz surrounding them. It could be a band long-thought irreconcilable reforms. Cream made it back together? How cool is that? Others simply have legend status, like when Paul McCartney dusts off the old Höfner and hits the road.

All Right Boys, This Is It: Over The Hill

The Eagles reuniting means Hell has frozen over, but Led Zeppelin Musical Group reuniting proves Hell exists. Of course, looking at the current trend, it seems any successful band whose golden years have since passed is putting aside old daemons, boning up on the oldies, maybe cranking out some newies and hitting the road on tour. This summer we saw Genesis and The Police. In recent years Cream and Queen have made even more improbably tours. “Classic” artists have also been releasing loads of new records. All of these endeavours have had [be polite, John]… mixed results.

Let yourself give in to "Temptation"

Or should I say The Temptations who will be interviewed on stage and performing at Washtenaw Community College's Towsley Auditorium this Friday, December 14. This legendary Motown vocal quartet's current lineup features original member Otis Williams along with Bruce Williamson, Ron Tyson, Terry Weeks, and Joe Herndon. The group just released the CD Back to Front, a collection of soul classics ranging from Barry White's "Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up" and Sam and Dave's "Hold On, I'm Comin'" to the Staple Singers' "Respect Yourself." Unfortunately, tickets are sold out but you can view a simulcast. Call 973-3450 for more information. To re-familiarize yourself with some of their work and take a nostalgia trip to Motown, check out some of the Temptations' cd's at the Library.

My Secret Addiction

For several years, I suffered from addiction. My poison came not in a bottle, but in the form of biopics about musicians. The cheesier and made-for-TV-ier, the better, I felt. Sure Walk The Line and Ray honoured Johnny Cash’s and Ray Charles’s musical legacy while making them appear as three dimensional humans, but these movies didn’t do it for me. In fact, the past few years, Hollywood has left my addiction far from sated. But good news for me and everyone else with this disease (that’s right, CDC, addiction is a disease; live with it!) Jake Kasdan, son of U of M alum Larry Kasdan, has teamed up with Judd Apatow and filmed Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.

What's your "Fourth Wish?"

If you're looking for fun, reasonably priced musical entertainment this weekend and want your wishes (musical, that is) to come true, check out Fourth Wish this Friday, December 7 at Kerrytown Concert House. Composed of four local musicians on saxaphone, piano, string bass and drums and a female vocalist, Fourth Bass plays all acoustic jazz. The group has played many venues around town including the Riverside Big Band and the Plymouth Symphony.

Where are your Holiday CDs?

Are you trying to get into the holiday spirit? Need a little nudging? Why not pop in a holiday CD to get you in the mood. At the Downtown library there is a special section set aside just for holiday CDs. That’s right! It’s in the regular CD section, right under the clock. Which must mean that it’s time to listen so some cheery tunes. (My favorite? A Christmas together by John Denver & The Muppets.)

Guilty Pleasures

The hardest question I’ve ever been asked is ironically one I address in these blogs; several years ago, a friend of my parents asked me—then a tenth grader—“What kind of music do you listen to?” The question’s difficulty didn’t stem from a lack of an answer, rather my embarrassment over giving it. I meekly offered two vague words, “Punk rock,” hoping to end the topic, but my questioner would not relent until she heard a name. “Green Day,” I squeaked. A lie, to be sure: I never listened to them. I just figured they sounded credible, though this predated American Idiot. As I then suffered a drubbing over dubbing Green Day punk rock—“Oh they are not punk rock!”—I could only be happy, happy I didn’t say the real band I liked… Blink-182.

West African Pop from Mali

Malian guitarist and singer Habibe Koite is credited with bringing worldwide recognition to the wealth of music emanating from the West African nation of Mali. His latest album, Afriki, is an engaging, collaborative representation of the diversity of musical styles active in Mali today. Click here to see an excerpt from a live concert in Seattle.

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