Happy Anniversary, Google!


On September 4, 1998, Google was incorporated as a company. Google was the brainchild of two Ph.D. students at Stanford, Larry Page, (a U of M engineering grad) and Sergey Brin. Their search engine was different from others because they created software that could determine how many times a relevant website was linked to from other websites, sorted them and laid them out on an uncluttered screen. Google has been incredibly successful, reporting revenues of $5.52 billion in the second quarter of 2009. The Oxford English Dictionary added "google" as a verb in June, 2006.

WolframAlpha--New Search Engine That Answers Your Questions!

Do you need fast answers and facts? You can always call or visit the Ann Arbor District Library!


But this is not an advertisement for you favorite local library. Submitted for your approval is a new type of search engine under the name of WolframAlpha. This engine has new, unusual features. It will try to compile and calculate information for the searcher. Give it a try! Here are some suggested searches to try (courtesy of the website):

enter any date (e.g. a birth date)
enter any town (e.g. a home town)
enter any two stocks
enter any calculation
enter any math formula
enter any two first names
enter any food
enter any measurement
enter any chemical formula
enter any musical notes

If you try these you will find calculations and charts for mathematical problems, statistics from towns, stock comparisons, and more.

Give it a try, then leave comments here on how effective the engine is!

Wolfram Alpha: The Reference Librarian’s New Best Friend?

wolfram alphawolfram alpha

A new search engine designed by British Mathematician, physics and computer science genius Stephen Wolfram, plus a team of 250 other brainiacs is set to launch sometime in May.

Harvard Law School had a sneak preview last week and was AWED.

Wolfram Alpha is an extremely powerful calculator stuffed with facts about the world. Instead of trying to find a site where you might find the answer to a question such as “How do Iraqi oil exports compare to that of Kuwait?” or “What was the weather in Rancho Mirage when Gerald Ford died?” you just type in the question and Wolfram instantly computes the answer. Many of these questions can be answered using Google, but only by visiting several different Web sites, assessing the validity of sources, and making your own calculations. Wolfram Alpha simply gives you the answer. WOW.

Tired of the same old Google?

Vivisimo logo

AADL Select Sites:Internet Search Engines

Sure, we've all "Googled" when we needed to find something on the internet. But have you ever "Asked," or even "Vivisimoed"? Ask.com and Vivisimo are two of the handy search engine alternatives to Google found in AADL Select Sites. These web tools can help you really find what you're looking for. Coupled with one our helpful guides to internet searching, you'll be a web searcher to be reckoned with!

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