Brookwater Farm Revisted: New Book, Old Articles


A new book arrived in our Local History Collection recently, Brookwater Farm of Webster Township, and in one of those serendipitous moments we're having at the Archives lately, we came across some articles related to the history of the Brookwater Farm.

In 1948, the Ann Arbor News ran a long article, Restoration of Brookwater, complete with a description of the annual livestock auction and historic photos of the farm. The new owner, Lawrence F. Carlton, undertook an extensive restoration of the farm house. However, later articles from 1950 describe the "Corn War", a year-long legal battle with suits and countersuits over 29 acres of corn crop. There's even an article about Mr. Carlton temporarily blinding himself when a tear gas bomb went off as he was showing it to folks.

Why Did Washtenaw County Vote Against Suffrage, Not Once, But Twice?


Liberty Awakes in Washtenaw County: When Women Won the Vote, a new exhibit at the Museum on Main Street runs January 8-February 27, 2011. The exhibit features artifacts, stories and images from the local woman suffrage movement. On the 2nd and 4th Thursday of January and February, please bring a lunch and join in a discussion on woman suffrage in Washtenaw County from 12 noon-1:00 PM.

The exhibit is sponsored by the League of Women Voters of the Ann Arbor Area and the Washtenaw County Historical Society. For more information or to arrange group tours or talks email Zoe Behnke at

Ypsilanti Gleanings 2010: A Year in Words & Pictures


We recently posted the winter issue of Ypsilanti Gleanings, the official publication of the Ypsilanti Historical Society. Gleanings offers, on a quarterly basis, a variety of articles, quizzes and miscellany for enthusiasts of Ypsi history. All four 2010 issues are here, with both text and images available for searching and browsing. As a matter of fact, we have the complete text and images of Gleanings dating all the way back to its origins in 1971!

So if you need a good read to keep you enthralled over the holiday break, look no further than the Gleanings corpus where you'll find ghost stories, mysterious abductions, natural disasters, westerns, epic biographies and other fascinating tales of Ypsilanti history.

Sample Ballot? It's Easy as 1-2-3


Getting a sample ballot for your specific voting precinct couldn't be easier. Just go to the Michigan Voter Information Center, the official website of the Michigan Board of Elections, enter your voter info, then click on "View My Sample Ballot" on the next page and Shazam! You'll have a sample ballot to view online or print. Remember to enter your name exactly as it appears on your voter registration card. Need more assistance? The Ann Arbor City Clerk has a great web page with plenty of contact information for voters. The Library has League of Women Voters of Michigan Voter Guides available at all branches.

New Election Polls Out this Week


Public Policy Polling will release new Michigan election polls at this Thursday's, Sept. 23, appearance at the Pittsfield Branch by nationally-acclaimed pollster Tom Jensen. PPP conducted polls on the race for Governor, SOS, AG, State Legislature, U.S. House and favorability ratings for federal and state elected officials. Jensen got his start right here in Ann Arbor and brings a wealth of knowledge of local and state-level politics that political junkies will appreciate as much as Daily Kos.

Let the Debates Begin


The November 2nd mid-term elections are fast-approaching and the League of Women Voters will be hosting a series of debates that will be aired on CTN Channel 19. You can join the live television audience at the CTN Studios and pose questions for the candidates. Here's the schedule for the debates:

Monday, September 27
8-8:45PM-City Council, Wards 2,5
9-10PM-County Commission, Districts 8,9,11

Tuesday, September 28
8-8:30PM-State Rep. District 53 (empty chair policy in effect)
9-10PM-Library Board

Wednesday, September 29
7-7:30PM-WCC Trustees

Wednesday, October 6
7-7:30PM-State Senate, District 18

An Ode to Columbia Granger's World of Poetry

Looking for the work of your favorite poet?
Used to have a title but now you don’t know it?
Ann Arbor District Library has an answer for you:
Columbia Granger’s World of Poetry can give you a clue.
With a quarter million poems in full text,
Find what you need without getting vexed.
German, Italian, Spanish and more
Like Yiddish, Gaelic, and Latin poems to explore.
Search ballads, haiku, sonnets, and limericks.
Listen to audio of a few poetry top picks.
In this database poet bios are included.
Get the facts you need; you will not be eluded.
Use the glossary to learn the meaning of a term.
Poetry definitions Columbia Granger will confirm.
Learn poetry history through the “Calendar of Days”
You will gain poetry knowledge in so many ways.
With poetry trivia the fun doesn’t stop.
Columbia Granger’s World of Poetry is simply tiptop.

Dexter, Chelsea, Manchester and Saline: Then & Now

Dexter villageDexter village

Thanks to local historian Grace Shackman, we've recently added to Ann Arbor Observer: Then & Now dozens of past articles from the Community Observer tracking the histories of our neighboring communities Dexter, Chelsea, Manchester and Saline. Some articles, including one about the origins of area libraries, another on the county's one-room schoolhouses, and a third detailing Christmases past cover the history of the subject in all four locations. You can also read many feature-length articles about the architectural landmarks, businesses and people that characterize the towns, from the Chelsea Private Hospital and the Dexter Underpass to the Manchester Mill and Saline Valley Farms. Grace has also written about the smaller villages of Dixboro and Delhi.

Kid Bits - Fibonacci?!

What's "Fibonacci?". Fibonacci numbers are all around us!

Wanna know more? Look into these books:
Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci
Growing patterns : fibonacci numbers in nature
Horrible Harry Cracks the Code
Look on this website:
Fibonacci in Nature.
Pretty cool!

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