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AADL Productions Podcast: Brandon Doman

Don't Talk to StrangersDon't Talk to Strangers

Having returned to Ann Arbor after college, one day Brandon Doman wanted to see what would happen if he put out a handwritten sign inviting people to write in his journal. 3000 journal entries later, Brandon is still inviting people to contribute anonymously to what has been named Don't Talk to Strangers. People from all walks of life stop by to chat with Brandon and write sometimes funny, sometimes heart-wrenching entries. Brandon stopped by the library to talk with us about how the project came to be, where it is headed next, and what he has discovered from talking to strangers. You can read a selection of entries online and learn how to support the project.

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AADL Productions Podcast: Paul Saltzman and Patricia Aquino

We had the good fortune to sit and talk with filmmakers Paul Saltzman and Patricia Aquino when they were in town for a viewing and discussion of their 2009 film Prom Night in Mississippi, a documentary that details the efforts of a small town to integrate its high school prom after actor (and local resident) Morgan Freeman offers to foot the bill. Our conversation touched on the many issues involved in making this particular film, from the production and editing decisions used to address such a provocative topic, to the role of serendipity and perseverance in winning over skeptical participants. For more about the film, visit: www.promnightinmississippi.com

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AXIS Coffeehouse Podcast - Take One

The AXIS Coffeehouse is one of our teen programming mainstays... a weekly gathering of young adults sharing poetry and stories through the magic of the spoken word.

Last month, we tried something new. We recorded our Coffeehouse poets reading their own work, and we were glad that a few of them were willing to have us record and share their poetry. Thanks to all of you.

Since this was our first try at this, the recordings are a little rough, but their voices still shine through. We've already recorded a second batch with better sound quality, so keep your ears open and keep writing those poems for coffeehouse!

PS, Even though our poet Austin identified himself as Chuck Norris, it's not really him.

AADL Productions Podcast: AA/Ypsi Reads Author Jerry Dennis

In this episode, 2010 Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Reads author Jerry Dennis stops by to talk about Reads title The Living Great Lakes: Searching for the Heart of the Inland Seas. Apart from being an award-winning nature writer, Jerry is also a lifelong Michigander whose experience of the Great Lakes reaches back to boyhood fishing trips. In this interview we learn about his life as a writer and what he has learned about the lakes through his research and many conversations with the people who live along them. We also get to hear his feelings about what makes the lakes so important to Michigan and Michigan so important to the fight to keep the lakes healthy. You can also watch the video of Jerry's presentation at Washtenaw Community College in the AADL Video Collection.

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AADL Productions Podcast: 48th Ann Arbor Film Festival

48th Ann Arbor Film Festival48th Ann Arbor Film Festival

Tuesday marks the start of the 48th Ann Arbor Film Festival, one of Ann Arbor's world-class annual events. AAFF's Executive Director, Donald Harrison, stopped by to give us a quick overview of what we have to look forward to in this year's festival. Aside from the many great films on offer, Donald talks about some of the panel discussions and live performances. This year's highlights include an evening with legendary experimental filmmaker Kenneth Anger and a specially commissioned soundtrack, performed live by composer Flying Lotus, to Harry Smith's 1962 film Heaven & Earth Magic. Two of this year's events happen at AADL: Bison Boys & Famous Monsters of Michigan: 1970s Super-8mm Films of Jimm Juback & Cary Loren and Gerry Fialka Discusses Dream Awake: How James Joyce Invented Experimental Cinema & Disguised It As A Book.

The 48th Ann Arbor Film Festival runs from March 23-28, 2010.

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AADL Productions Podcast: Bring It Back, Take It Forward Conference


Bring It Back, Take It Forward (BIBTIF), a 3-day conference celebrating 50 years of activism in southeast Michigan, will take place March 12-14, 2010. In this podcast, we talk with two of the conference organizers, Elizabeth Gonzalez and James Toy. Gonzalez, a graduate student in the UM School of Social Work, and Toy, a veteran activist and founding member of the University's Lesbian-Gay Male Programs Office in 1971, reflect on the achievements and challenges of activism in the late 1960s and early 1970s, as well as their hopes for the conference and the future of the progressive movement.

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AADL Productions Podcast: Cherry Chevapravatdumrong

Cherry ChevapravatdumrongCherry Chevapravatdumrong

Cherry Chevapravatdumrong is an Ann Arborite who has gone places even she never expected. After getting her law degree from NYU, Cherry made an about face, packed up a car, and drove to Los Angeles. Now she is a writer and co-producer on the animated sitcom Family Guy and the author of two young adult novels, She's So Money and Duplikate. Cherry shares with us how she made it from Huron High to one writers room of the funniest shows on television and how an episode of Family Guy gets written. She also talks about writing young adult novels and why she loses a third of her name on book covers.

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AADL Productions Podcast: Lola Jones and Carol Gibson

Lola Jones and Carol Gibson are well-known to anyone familiar with Ann Arbor history. Over the past 30 years they have sought out and documented the history of the African American experience in Ann Arbor through a series of projects under the moniker Another Ann Arbor; it is largely through their work that the Ann Arbor African American story is a part of our shared community identity. Lola and Carol stopped by the library to talk with us one day about the work they have done over the years and where they are headed next. They shared with us some of the interesting people and events they have learned about and brought to the community in their television program, their documentaries, and their book.

You can now watch one of their documentaries online at aadl.org in our video collection. A Woman's Town was produced in 1991 and tells the story of Ann Arbor through the voices of prominent African American women.

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AADL Mini-Podcast: Alia Malek

I had the opportunity to sit down with Alia Malek and talk about her book A Country Called Amreeka: Arab Roots, American Stories. Alia touches on her experience advocating for election protection and civil rights for diverse groups. She also discusses the influence of the American Civil Rights Movement on her choice of setting and character in her book.

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AADL Productions Podcast: Helen Thomas

Helen ThomasHelen Thomas

When she was in town last week speaking at the Michigan Theater to promote her newest book, Amy and I had the intimidating yet thrilling chance to interview Helen Thomas. We talked with her about her experiences in the White House Press Corps, where she sat for decades asking presidents and press secretaries alike the questions they were hoping she wouldn't. While Amy and I didn't ask of her quite the sort of tough questions Ms. Thomas is famous for, we did get her reflections on presidents past and present, her thoughts on the state of journalism, and her feelings about how America has changed in her nearly 75 years of reporting.

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