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AADL Talks To: Brett Callwood

Detroit author and music critic, Brett Callwood, was at AADL recently for a public talk about his book MC5: Sonically Speaking: A Tale of Revolution and Rock 'n' Roll. Prior to this event, I had the chance to chat with Brett about the MC5--their legacy, their significance to other musicians, and the influence of former manager, John Sinclair. Brett also discusses his journey to becoming a music critic and the inspiration behind his writing, most notably his love affair with Detroit and its music.

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AADL Productions Podcast: Brian Vander Ark and Donny Brown of The Verve Pipe

Popular American rock band The Verve Pipe recently performed two concerts at The Ark, one show targeted for a younger family audience, and one intended for adults. After their performances, we hung out in the green room with lead singer Brian Vander Ark and drummer Donny Brown. They discussed their foray into music for children and young families with A Family Album, music production, cover art, and future projects for the young ones.

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AADL Productions Podcast: Mary McDonagh Murphy

Author and journalist Mary McDonagh Murphy recently talked with us about her lifelong passion for To Kill a Mockingbird, which culminated during this year's 50th anniversary of the book's publication with McDonagh's own tribute, Scout, Atticus and Boo: A Celebration of 50 Years of To Kill a Mockingbird--a companion book to the soon-to-be-released documentary, Hey, Boo: Harper Lee and To Kill a Mockingbird. The book gathers together various celebrities' first memories of and favorite passages from the book, along with discussions of the novel's value to society both then and now. We spoke with Mary about the enduring appeal of Mockingbird's characters; its place in the canon of American literature; its enigmatic author, Harper Lee; and the wonderful Hollywood adaptation.

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AADL Productions Podcast: Michael Erlewine

Michael ErlewineMichael Erlewine

Michael Erlewine, author, archivist, and founder of the All Music Guide recently spoke at the Library about his new book with photographer Stanley Livingston, Blues in Black & White: The Landmark Ann Arbor Blues Festivals. In this interview prior to the public talk, Ann Arbor's old music clubs and coffee shops come alive as Michael takes us on a personal journey of the Ann Arbor music scene circa 1962-1972. He covers a range of musical topics, including the early folk era, when he hitch-hiked with Bob Dylan; the influence of pre-hippie culture on Iggy Pop; the influence of John Sinclair on Ann Arbor culture; and his personal passion for Chicago city blues, which led to the Ann Arbor blues festivals and inspired the formation of his band, The Prime Movers Blues Band, shown below playing at the Schwabin Inn.

You can listen to the interview below. You can also view Michael's public talk at the Library.

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AADL Productions Podcast: Kris Carr


As soon as she was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer (Stage IV, with metastases to the lungs), Kris Carr turned on the video camera and started a video journal, documenting her visits to doctors, her occasional emotional breakdowns, and her no-holds-barred commitment to researching and changing what she could--her attitude, her diet and her lifestyle. The result is the funny, candid and helpful 2007 video, Crazy Sexy Cancer, followed by two books, Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips and Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor: More Rebellion and Fire for your Healing Journey. In our interview, Kris talks about her experience making the film, the people she's met and the lessons she's learned since her diagnosis, and the healing power of Oprah's hugs.

You can listen to our interview with Kris, below, or watch the video of her presentation at the Library on August 17, 2010.

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AADL Productions Podcast: Richard LeSueur on Jessye Norman

Jessye Norman at Hill AuditoriumJessye Norman at Hill Auditorium

Today is the 65th birthday of one of the world's top sopranos, Jessye Norman. Before Ms. Norman conquered Europe with her powerful voice and acting of unrivaled intensity, she was a graduate student at the University of Michigan School of Music. It was there that she met Richard LeSueur, one of the world's top opera aficionados. Richard, a musicologist and opera consultant, stopped by to talk with us about Jessye's career and their friendship, which has spanned over half a century. Richard shared some of the things that have enriched his life knowing Jessye, gave us his opinion of her newest album, Roots: My Life, My Song, and tried to put his finger on what has made her into Jessye Norman.

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AADL Productions Podcast: Brandon Doman

Don't Talk to StrangersDon't Talk to Strangers

Having returned to Ann Arbor after college, one day Brandon Doman wanted to see what would happen if he put out a handwritten sign inviting people to write in his journal. 3000 journal entries later, Brandon is still inviting people to contribute anonymously to what has been named Don't Talk to Strangers. People from all walks of life stop by to chat with Brandon and write sometimes funny, sometimes heart-wrenching entries. Brandon stopped by the library to talk with us about how the project came to be, where it is headed next, and what he has discovered from talking to strangers. You can read a selection of entries online and learn how to support the project.

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AADL Productions Podcast: Paul Saltzman and Patricia Aquino

We had the good fortune to sit and talk with filmmakers Paul Saltzman and Patricia Aquino when they were in town for a viewing and discussion of their 2009 film Prom Night in Mississippi, a documentary that details the efforts of a small town to integrate its high school prom after actor (and local resident) Morgan Freeman offers to foot the bill. Our conversation touched on the many issues involved in making this particular film, from the production and editing decisions used to address such a provocative topic, to the role of serendipity and perseverance in winning over skeptical participants. For more about the film, visit: www.promnightinmississippi.com

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AXIS Coffeehouse Podcast - Take One

The AXIS Coffeehouse is one of our teen programming mainstays... a weekly gathering of young adults sharing poetry and stories through the magic of the spoken word.

Last month, we tried something new. We recorded our Coffeehouse poets reading their own work, and we were glad that a few of them were willing to have us record and share their poetry. Thanks to all of you.

Since this was our first try at this, the recordings are a little rough, but their voices still shine through. We've already recorded a second batch with better sound quality, so keep your ears open and keep writing those poems for coffeehouse!

PS, Even though our poet Austin identified himself as Chuck Norris, it's not really him.

AADL Productions Podcast: AA/Ypsi Reads Author Jerry Dennis

In this episode, 2010 Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Reads author Jerry Dennis stops by to talk about Reads title The Living Great Lakes: Searching for the Heart of the Inland Seas. Apart from being an award-winning nature writer, Jerry is also a lifelong Michigander whose experience of the Great Lakes reaches back to boyhood fishing trips. In this interview we learn about his life as a writer and what he has learned about the lakes through his research and many conversations with the people who live along them. We also get to hear his feelings about what makes the lakes so important to Michigan and Michigan so important to the fight to keep the lakes healthy. You can also watch the video of Jerry's presentation at Washtenaw Community College in the AADL Video Collection.

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