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Is it possible to request that the library add a book to their collection? I have completed reading what the library has of a series of books, but the last three books in the series are not available through the library. If not, how often does the library acquire the newest books in a series?

Thank you for your time!

Wanted: read aloud from the British Isles

Hi! I need to pick a book/folktale to read aloud at Heritage Night at Logan Elementary School on May 30th from one of the British Isles. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

Cub Scout Tours


I'm a Den Leader for Cub Scout Pack 29 - Carpenter Elementary, and I am planning our activities for fall 2012. I would like to know about arranging a library tour. We are interested in getting some of our less expreinced scouts comfortable in using the library as a resource for projects and research. We do a lot of "How-to" type projects through out the year and typically point our scouts to the library for additional informaiton.

David Denomme

What should I read next?

If you like fantasy/time travel stories then you should read the "Wrinkle In Time" series By Madeline L'engle. There are 5 books in the series and they almost all include time traveling, fantasy creatures, and prehistoric animals like unicorns and mammoths. If your a computer geek then you should read the Genius series by Catherine Jinks , "Evil genius", "Genuis Squad", and "Genius Wars" to encounter computer genius Cadel, math magician Sonja, detective agent Saul, and criminal mastermind Prosper English in this war to stop the illegal company, GeneME. If your a girl who likes fantasy witch stories then you should read the quartet by Sarah Mlynowski about sisters Rachel and Miri finding out their withches. There is "Bras and Broomsticks", "Frogs and French Kisses", "Spells and Sleeping Bags", and "Parties and Potions" in the quartet.

What was biggest mistake of your life and what did you lear from it?

What was the biggest mistake of your life and what did you lear from it??

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To spell check everything.

Looking for the book "50 Shades of Grey". I heard it is popular and I'd love to read it but so far the library does not have it. Why?

Best Answer: 

Thank you for your comment. Several copies of this title will be ordered on the April 1st fiction cart. Shortly after the order goes in, you'll see a record in the catalog that will let you place a hold on it.

ProQuest and the Library?

How exactly is the company ProQuest involved with library operations?

Buying venison in Ann Arbor?

Is there a place in Ann Arbor where you can buy venison meat? If not, other places in Michigan?

What kind of pig is this and where do I find one?

I've never seen a pig that looks like the one pictured here:


Anyone know what it's called and where you might go see one in person?

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It looks to me that this pig is at least partially an Oxford Sandy and Black. Check out the similarities to the pair of pigs in this photo. http://littlecomfortfarm.co.uk/diary/wp-content/uploads/Piglets.jpg There is an Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Society in England. Here's their website with some more information. http://www.oxfordsandypigs.co.uk/
I've been trying to find a place in Michigan where you could see one, but so far haven't had any luck.

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