No Sheep/Knitty® Knit-in

Here is your chance to meet Amy R. Singer - blogger, knitter, author and an all-around personality on Sunday, March 9th at the Downtown Library Multipurpose Room, 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. (The door opens at noon, hint! hint! and don't say we didn't warn you). And I am assuming you know about all those fabulous FREE patterns on her online magazine.

Amy will be talking, knitting and signing books. We may even have a preview of her next book with co-author, our Jillian Moreno. Amy's program is co-sponsored by Busy Hands.

So bring your projects and look forward to spending a cosy afternoon with 200 other knitting fiends--oops! I mean, friends.


Really, folks, you will want to arrive early with your knitting in hand. This is going to be a great program with a HUGE audience. Dress in layers you can shed as the room warms up ;)

Oh. My. Gosh. But this will be just a warm-up to that knitting diety, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, none other than the yarn harlot herself, gracing the library with her knitterly presence in April. But then, she's been here before, and so you're aware of the implications of every serious knitter within 25 miles descending on the downtown branch. Better warn everyone that the library will be thickly infested with fiber nuts... I, for one, will be planning to camp outside starting at about eleven-thirty. Be afraid. Be very afraid.