King Kong: A First Look

King Kong 2005

Although it's not scheduled for release until December 13 in New Zealand (December 14 in the United Sates), the first review of Peter Jackson's $207 million epic King Kong is in. In the upcoming December 5 issue, Newsweek's senior writer, Devin Gordon, who was flown to New Zealand for an exclusive screening, gushes over the "surprisingly tender, even heartbreaking, film" and claims Jackson has "proved once again that he might be the only guy whose films are worth getting on a plane and flying halfway around the planet to see." Click here for the full review and a trailer.


all movies these days are remakes of old ones or of a book or comic. all the good ideas have been taken.


That’s the smartest thing I've heard you say. I'm surprised that more people don't realize Hollywood is out of ideas. Very few films have anything original and the ones that do tend to get ignored.

"Round up the usual suspects."
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I don't think I can see this film.. I have a strong suspicion the giant ape doesn't survive.

One description of the film uses the term "heart-breaking," so you may well be right.

Really, I cant believe someone said they'd fly around the world to see this movie.
There are some things worth remaking, or changing from book/comic to movie. I dont think this is one of them. But hey, I've never been fond of "humans triumph over big ugly monster" themes.

Well the movie has a distinct man is the monster persona. I mean come on the most famous quote is "Oh, no, it wasn't the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast.".

Oh, right, let's just blame the platinum blond why don't we.. ;)

Well maybe if she didn't dump him he wouldn't have freaked out and climbed the Empire State building.

The movie was good overall and probably gonna get a bunch of oscars. Peter Jackson has talent and he's shown it in the LOTR series.
Yea i didn't understand that quote either till i thought about it for maybe 3 minutes and realized that the beast died for her. He was going to escape but when she was climbing the ladder and it fell he had to catch her.