If TV killed the book, what did the Internet kill?

Have you ever read Fahrenheit 451 and thought it was all about censorship? According to a quote on Wikipedia, author Ray Bradbury really wrote the book about how TV destroyed interest in books. Humm. Very interesting. I had never thought about that. So if TV killed the book, what has the Internet killed? Seems like there are a number of possiblities. How about CDs and DVDs? What about books (again), magazines, and newspapers? Maybe all of those things still have a place in our society just like books in Bradbury's story. Form your own opinions by first reading the book. You can also listen to it on cassette or on CD. It can also be seen on DVD or VHS.

Burn baby burn...


Great distopic story. I heard there was a school that censored out the swear words though. Whether or not that was the intent I still find the action of censoring this book so closely associated with anti-censorship ironic. However, I'm skeptical of Wikipedia here. Might be interesting to research this further.

Yeah, this book really says a lot about a lot. When you see that Guy Montag's wife's main goal in life is to get their fourth wall/TV installed, and all the newspapers are comics, then I can definitely see Bradbury's anti-TV feelings. And even though the book does have a very grim ending, I think that there is some cautious optimism. The movie's interesting, but I think the book runs circles around it.