Cookbooks for cooks of all kinds

This week, two recent cookbooks from both ends of the spectrum, Veganomicon: the Ultimate Vegan Cookbook and The Bacon Cookbook, are sharing more than just shelf space at the library.

NPR's The Splendid Table features interviews with each of the cookbook authors. Listen to the program and see sample recipes from the books on the show's website. Choose from a vegan Asparagus Quiche or Bacon and Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles (or make both, omnivores!).


Bacon... and Peanut Butter... and chocolate? A feast fit for Caligula.

I've seen the candy bars before! Chocolate wrapped in bacon. Um, no thanks.
I just checked out "Veganomicon" and am excited to see what's yummy!

Better yet. We take slabs of mouthwatering bacon, cover them with melted chocolate. When that tries, we generously cover the chocolate with melted peanut butter. Once that dries again, we yet again drizzle it chocolate. Once that has hardened, we dip it in batter, and then deep fry it to perfection.

I'll also be skipping the bacon+chocolate, but someone must like it if they're selling candy bars! Manz, let me know what's good in Veganomicon.

John, your recipe is something only Homer Simpson could love.