Johnny Depp: On the Cutting Edge

If you love Johnny Depp, wait no longer for your fix. Get to the theater and see him and Tim Burton create cinemagic.

Sweeney Todd, originally a Broadway musical, tells the story of Benjamin Barkerd. Benjamin is sent away for a crime he did not committ, and once freed, opens up a barber shop in downtown London. Using the barber shop as a cover, he vows vengence upon those who wrongfully made him suffer.

Below the barber shop is Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pie Shop. Upon meeting Mrs. Lovett, Helena Bonham Carter, a mutually beneficial partnership blooms.

This wonderfully sinful Tim Burton version of Sweeney Todd won 2 Golden Globe Awards. Depp & Burton are magnicient together. Be ready for a movie that promises "The closest shave you will ever see..."