Thanksgiving Weekend Tournament Registration

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AADL-GT: Ann Arbor District Library Game Tournaments

We've got 4 videogame tournaments coming up Thanksgiving weekend, and registration is now open. To register, first login or create an account if you haven't already, then go here to preregister for events. Depending on turnout, latecomers who haven't preregistered may be turned away, so be sure to get registered, and be on time to get your spot in the brackets! Click read more for more details about next weekend's tournaments.

Dance Dance Revolution Tournament for Grades 6-12
Friday, November 25th, 1 - 4 PM, Downtown Library
Standard / Heavy Bracket Prizes:
1st prize: $40 giftcard, 2nd prize: $30, 3rd prize: $20.
Beginner / Light Bracket Winners win AADL t-shirts.
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Dance Dance Revolution Tournament for All Ages
Friday, November 25th, 6 - 9 PM, Downtown Library
Prizes include $40, $30, and $20 giftcards, distributed among skill level depending on turnout.
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AADL-GT Round 4: Super Smash/Double Dash for Grades 6-12
Saturday, November 26th, 12 - 5 PM, Downtown Library
Doors open at 11 AM
1st prize: $70 giftcard, 2nd prize: $50, 3rd prize: $30, 4th prize: T-shirt
Last Chance to pre-qualify for the December Grand Championships
This event will be televised live on CTN, Comcast Channel 18. To participate, you'll need a Release Form.
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Mario Kart Tournament for Grades 1-5
Sunday, November 27th, 1 - 4 PM, Downtown Library
1st prize: $40 giftcard, 2nd prize: $30, 3rd prize: $20, 4th prize: T-shirt
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Get registered, get practicing, and we'll see you at the library.


Hey jlgelinas my clan is beating your's now. Finally. [gtlogo:FX]

Here r my predictions for 3 weeks from now:

Wildcard Winners-Leinad, The Loser, Nilofar, Anime Andy, I forget who else.
Clan Cup Winner-Obviously Trouble Monkey Clan
Grand Championship Prizes- 1st-Pr0 2nd-Sir Ducksalot 3rd-Turtleperson2 4th-Joe S

Giggity Giggity Giggity, Alllllll Right!

Black Shark Clan

tp2 wont be able to make it and i dunno about me winning cuz its a suprise game. at least the kart elimination will eliminate the melee only players.


I think Pickwick, jlgelinas and MiniBlin might win something in the finals and I don't think Joe will win something (sorry Joe but your not that good at melee). There is a lot that could happen so it's very hard to predict. Like I could get the short end of the stick and have baby park which makes me lose my control of the race. Dang that Dale W. guy did amazingly well he might make an upset in the finals. I'm not sure how well I will do I need to work on my melee.

I think the clan cup is up for grabs between the Trouble Monkeys, The Foreign Exchange, Vaccinated Monks and maybe SDK.

"Round up the usual suspects."
[gtplayer:139] Knight of the octothorn table

Yes, Dale W. certainly did very well, especially for a raw recruit.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Sir Ducksalot, Knight of the Pound-Sign Table, but I think my dismal record in the Prize Round stands for itself: I've qualified every round, but never won a dime, nickel, or franc because I haven't played so well recently, don't adapt quickly to new games, and have never played most minigames out there. It's more likely that you, pr0, MiniBlin and jlgelinas will be forced, against your collective wills, of course, to take the prizes; my clan is rather tilted, skillwise, toward Melee, as Dragoon Black and BFTE don't even own Double Dash, so it seems unlikely that they will make it past the eliminations. :{ Finklestein, whose name, by the way, is pronounced 'fink - {insert upside-down 'e'} l - schtein, has a decent chance of winning the Wildcard tournament, as he very nearly, but not quite, qualified in multiple events despite his status as a relative newcomer to the AADL-Goat Trellising. More power to him!
I looked through some of the old threads, but couldn't quickly find the explanation of the process through which the Wildcard, Clan Cup, and whatever else works, though I know it exists somewhere. Could somebody please give me a quick explanation?
------Pickwick, the recently-demoted-to-former Melee champ...-----
=( =( =( :{ :{ :{ :{ :{

I don't have Melee either. I don't even have a gamecube now that I think about it.

c)80{I} Monkey Clown with Bowler Hat and Ski Goggles. [gtlogo:FX]

Yes, I had forgotten that ere I posted that message. That just means you're doing quite, quite well, given the circumstances.

I explain it to everyone who wants to know. The Clan cup, Wildcard and Finals are melee quilifing round, MKDD elimination rounds and surprize finisher. I think the Wildcard might not have the surprize finisher but I'm not sure on that.

"Round up the usual suspects."
[gtplayer:139] Knight of the octothorn table

the wildcard doesnt have a suprise finisher. eli said he was thinking of doing team melee, team kart, then suprise finisher for the clan cup but also he was thinking of a leaderboard based grands which he would probably do which i think is a great idea. u guys still want that clancup/qualifying for the grands rule?


Are there prizes for the winner of the Wildcard, or do they win entry to the Grand Championship?
I don't see why not, with regard to the clan cup rule. I agree wholeheartedly on the Leaderboard idea, as I fully intend to end up in second place (1600 points is a bit too much of a lead, unfortunately.) By this time, it is highly likely, or, indeed, almost certain, that Eli will have determined the format of the final round, which would render our opinions somewhat irrelevant.

They just get into the finals.

"Round up the usual suspects."
[gtplayer:139] Knight of the octothorn table

but still we dont want the black shark clan to qualify for the grands do we? leinad will make it through wildcard he got 32nd last month in single melee and is an excellent kart player because he will be playing with noobs.


I want there to be more incentive to be in clans, so that is why I want to have that boon. Do we really care if the black shark clan qualifies they aren't going to get very far and Moses has already qualified.

"Round up the usual suspects."
[gtplayer:139] Knight of the octothorn table

You guys, come on, just COME ON! Just give us a break. And Duck, I'm suprised that u called me Moses. W/E, just stick 2 it, ok?

Giggity Giggity Giggity, Alllllll Right!

Black Shark Clan

Sravan - yes, wildcard will be pretty easy for me, however, remember the element of chance in both games. All it takes is one master shell at the wrong time in an elimination round and I could be out.

And the important thing is Duck's argument that it helps bolster clans.

"Faulheit ist eine Tugend"

Hey jlgelinas my clan is beating your's now. Finally.

I still don't even know who beside deren is even IN my clan >_>

That's easy to answer. Skippy and...uh...Vash!!!

jlgeling what ever ur name is U should use this as a clan logo thing

o what game is he from...i forget. i think its super mario sunshine. great game i have 119 shines(max is 120).
edit:u didn't own me???

i had 120 shines b4 i sold my gamecube, its a shame really.....

since no1 seems to be posting here i think that i whip out one of my more interesting theorys my theroy on ttime travel!!!!!

It seems to me that if you traveld in time you most likly went back to fix something but if you fixed that thing wouldn't you lose the need to travel back in time therefore resetting the time stream where that thing neeed to be fixed so t would create the second timestream but the second timestream leads back to the first one creating a knot in time and to overcome that knot the 2 timestreams would theroreticly spilt from each other and travel on there own perpendicular paths until they crossed paths the 2 timestreams would most likly merge and a merge of time between the 2 timestreams would either result in 1 single stable timestream or the force that would come out of the merging would compleatly unravel the space time continoum
well theres my theory comments any1?


i hope that that wasn't 2 confusing and random for any1 to understand

I don't know if it's possible for a human to prove either way, as we cannot, with our present faculties, perceive time as it flows in a particular direction; in fact, there is debate as to whether it flows, or merely consists of an infinitely-numbered series of Nows. It seems to me that we would have to test this by hands-on experimentation, which, given that it could, according to your theory, destroy every time thread involved, has inherent in it a certain danger to the experimenter and others of his particular timeline. That said--who's up for some time travel(keeping in mind that you may be the destroyer of all space-time)? :)

I think that thinking of time as something that can be changed is the reason for time travel paradoxes. I believe that if time travel if possible, changing history will be impossible. You always have and always will be traveling to that particular period in time. Time does not flow, only our persceptions flow through it.

(Bonus points if someone can name the ancient philosophers who first came up with that concept).

"Faulheit ist eine Tugend"

gallileo, newton, einstien, socreties, confusious, stephen hawking?


I think that thinking of time as something that can be changed is the reason for time travel paradoxes. I believe that if time travel if possible, changing history will be impossible. You always have and always will be traveling to that particular period in time.

leinad that is pretty much what im trying to say.If you chande something in time than It changes something in the future and if that thing is changed then it no longer needs changing erasing the need for change reverting back to the original structure but as i said before it would then revert back to the 2nd structure and so on and so forth. These changes would have to happen outside of time making it so that history recorded those events instead of the events that we belive to have transpired this would result in wat you saying leinad because history would not change to our perspective but it would still change.

I don't think of time as a flow but I used the term for lack of a better one.


Sravan your list is lacking. René Descartes, Immanuel Kant, Martin Heidegger, David Hume, Ludwig Wittgenstein, John Stuart Mill, Plato, Aristotle. Not to mention all the Philosophers at

"Badges? We ain't got no badges! We don't need no badges! I don't have to show you any stinking badges!"
[gtplayer:139] Knight of the octothorn table

Democritus? Pliny? Cato?
Heh...we posted at the same time...

i thought the ones who thought of only one law should'nt be on there but i forgot aristotle :(


Wittgenstein counts as more than one by that reckoning; nobody who reads his theory understands it.

Yes, but none of those philosophers thought of time as fixed while our perseption traveled through it. It was the Stoics (hence our modern word, stoic) that believed that change was impossible (not just time travel change, any change. ie, I can't get up and walk across the room).

Anyways, no, history would not change, because it has already changed. If I go back in time to change something, I have already done it, so events as I remember them cannot change. Example:

The grandfather paradox (traditional view):

My grandfather is alive
He has my dad
My dad has me
I build a time machine and go back in time
I kill my grandfather
hence I am not born and cannot build my time machine
My grandfather is not killed
(loop to beginning endless paradox)

The grandfather paradox (my view)
My grandfather is alive
time traveler from the future tries to kill him but fails
he has my dad
dad has me
I build time machine
I go do step 2
other stuff
end of time

I could not possibly succeed in killing my grandfather because history has shown that I did not, and change is impossible.

("So, how can we walk across the room, your argument is based on the premise that motion is impossible?")

Yes, it is, and motion is impossible. Our persecptions travel though time, not our material bodies. Everything is eternally fixed at every time period. I'll elaborate more when I have more time.

"Faulheit ist eine Tugend"

i would wonder about that when i played the event match 7 years. if the olderlink wins then he won't have a past so he won't exist but if young link wins then he will not exist in 7 years.