Detroit Classic Rock Radio: A Plea For Sanity

If you asked me six years ago if I liked Bob Seger, I’d’ve said, “I don’t know who that is.” If you asked me four years ago if I liked Bob Seger I’d’ve say, “Yeah, he’s okay. I got Stranger In Town for fifty cents; it was worth it.” If you asked me right now if I liked Bob Seger, I’d say, “Are you kidding? Every disc jockey in Detroit spends their days fawning over him, his “musical influence,” and playing ev'ry cut off of Live Bullet! Just because he’s from Michigan, I have to love him? No, thank you.” Then I’d probably find a cardboard cutout of Bob Seger, just so I could punch it in the face. I routinely bring three wherever I go. You got to have backups.

Part of me will always be a snotty teenager that will, when too many folk pour adorations on something, automatically hate it more and more. I do not set out to tarnish the good Bob Seger name. Fact is, he made some good records. Springing out of the lively late 60s/early 70s Detroit rock scene, he helped establish Michigan as a great Rock and Roll state… though we might've got more help from Peter Wolf, Magic Dick, J. Geils, and everyone else in… oh, man I am completely spacing on their band’s name. And Bob Seger can proudly boast he had the perseverance to do what few else have done: achieve mainstream success at age 30.

That being said… being from Michigan does not magically make his records any better. “Old Time Rock and Roll” is not a brilliant song. In fact, the more I hear it, the more I doubt if it’s even a good song. His ballads can tend on mushy; his blue-eyed soul can tend to whitewashed soul; and “Turn The Page?” More like “Turn Off The Radio.” Am I right? Am I right? I’m right.

Detroit radio, and I'm looking at you CSX, give Bob Seger his due. No more, though. It does the man no good trying to make him out as better than he was. Thank you and good night.


Wow. Ripping on Bob Seger? Is nothing sacred with you? Just so you know, Bob Seger's fan base goes beyond Michigan. Last spring I was sitting in a smokey bar outside of my in-law's retirement village in Florida. A Seger song (Mainstreet? Night Moves? I don't recall) came on the juke box and the fellow sitting next to me said "This song is about us! My friends! When we were growing up, running around here, when this all used to be woods, and there was nothing around for miles..." which gave me a chuckle because I knew that it was really about US, my friends, when we were running around Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti...Wikipedia mentions that Bob Seger has a following in Florida...and Michigan. Doesn't mention the in-between states though. Nevertheless, leave Bob Seger alone, John J. Madonna. :)

I will not leave him alone. The only way I will consider changing my mind is if Bob Seger comes and performs at the library and is good. Do you that Bob? The ball has officially entered your court.

Some how i don't see that happening i just got some leeds festival tickets and will have a good time there this summer cant wait to get out of this place and go on vacation.

I just had to jump in a say.... Seger did some solid stuff, but would it kill the radio world to add this Detriot peers to thier playlists? where is the love for:
The Stooges
Iggy and the Stooges
Iggy Pop
The MC5
The Frost
The Rationals
Radio Birdman (ok, they were from down under, but it was an Ann Arbor guy that started the band)
The Pleasure Seekers

and the list goes on and on from there....

but the truth is that most local DJs are just happy that the program manager in Huston or where ever has approved one local guy for airplay as part of the 10 or songs that they play each hour....