School Library Journal - Best Books of the Year

School Library Journal is one of the main sources that both school and public librarians use for gathering reviews of new children's books. The editors of that publication have put togehter a Best Books of the Year list.

Here a few highlights from the juvenile fiction section.

Dragon's Keep by Janet Lee Carey.
When a princess is born with a dragon's claw on one hand, she finds herself struggling between her world and the dragon's world. This is a great story for all dragon lovers.
No Talking by Andrew Clements. A boisterous 5th grade class is lured into a contest of boys against the girls and 48 hours of no talking. Can they do it? Could you?
Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis. This author's strength is his ability to write about serious topics with warmth, humor and compassion. Elijah is an 11-year-old in Buxton, Ontario, a community of former slaves who fled to Canada.
How to Steal a Dog by Barbara O'Connor
Georgina and her little brother and their mother are forced to live in their car after they lose their home. When Georgina sees a poster offering a substantial award for the return of a missing dog, she kidnaps a dog in hopes of collecting a ransom and helping her mother get the money for a new apartment.
Talented Clementine by Sara Pennypacker. Clementine must find a way to participate in the third grade talent show, but she can't think of anything that she can do. This is the second title in a wonderful new series.