Architectural Firms Selected for Presentations on the Downtown Library Project

Last evening, the AADL Board reviewed responses to the Request for Qualifications for Architectural and Engineering services for the Downtown Library Renovation and Building project. The Board will be inviting 15 architectural firms to make presentations early in 2008. The public is invited to attend the presentations. Dates and times will be announced later this month. The 15 firms invited to present are:

C2AE: Grand Rapids, MI
designLAB architects with Quinn Evans Architects: Boston Ann Arbor
Engberg Anderson, Inc with Mitchell and Mouat Architects: Milwaukee Ann Arbor
Frye Gillan Molinaro Architects: Chicago
Gwathmey Siegal and Associates with David Milling Architects: New York Ann Arbor
HKS Architects, P.C.: Farmington Hills, MI
Holzman Moss Architecture, LLP: New York
inForm Studio: Detroit
Luckenbach|Ziegelman Architects, PLLC: Ann Arbor
Merrit McPherson Cieslak, PC: Farmington, MI
Meyer Scherer and Rockcastle, LTD: Minneapolis, MN
Neuman/Smith Architecture with Hiddell and Associates: Southfield Carrolton, TX
Penchansky Whisler Architecture with A3C Collaborative: Ann Arbor
PSA-Dewberry, Inc.: Naperville, IL
TMP Associates, Inc.: Bloomfield Hills

Earlier this year, the Library received a report on the programing needs for operations and services Downtown for the next 20 years, and also a report on the condition of the Downtown facility. The Board's decision to go forward with a plan to renovate the Downtown library derived from these study results. Over 100 people participated in 12 focus groups, and while their needs and interests varied widely, they overwhelmingly agreed that the Downtown Library should remain at 5th Avenue and William Street. In early November, the City Council passed a resolution authorizing the DDA to conduct a feasibility study that will determine how much underground parking is possible on the lot that is now surface parking next door to the Library. We are pleased that the DDA, the City of AA, and the Library are working toward a common vision for redeveloping the Fifth and William area around the Library, and proud that AADL is taking the lead and moving forward in its selection of an architectural firm.

UPDATE: The Library Board invited all of the responding firms to make presentations, and 14 firms accepted. These presentations are open to the public and all of them will occur at the Downtown Library in the 4th Floor Board room the week of January 28-January 31. The schedule is attached for your convenience.


Architect Presentation dates and times.pdf13.32 KB


If the applicable laws and regulations permit you to do so, I would suggest helping Michigan's economy by giving preference to local firms.

I would like to second the above comment. This is a substantial project. Let's keep the business in Michigan and as local as possible.

I would think there would be an overwhelming feeling to keep things as local as possible!

the "buy local" sentiment is understandable, but you can put me down as a hard-eyed supporter of getting the most value for the library's money, period. let's pick the best architect for our needs, regardless of locale. this is a major purchase that we're going to own for a long, long time.

the economy of Ann Arbor depends on out-state and out-of-state purchasers who shop here (rather than their local area) for educational services. the whole concept of a library is to look outward to the broader world and bring the best of our civilization home to our local area. let's walk that walk in our purchasing strategy.

I couldn't agree more with the majority of the comments: choose a local firm.
There are plenty of firms in the state that can provide excellent and competitive services for the Ann Arbor Library. There is no reason to look out of state for services especially in these sort of economic times.

As a tax payer, I would like to see public works dollars benefit the community.

I agree with comments posted that this project should benefit the local community in every aspect. I work for a local business whose staff have been working under a wage freeze for two years. We are now on the verge of cutting staff. I have many friends in similar circumstances. I was born and raised in Ann Arbor and hope to continue living here for a long time. The public library has been an important and enjoyable part of my life here for as long as I can remember. I have no need for, nor can afford an ego pleasing showpiece. I hope for a library that is warm, inviting and functional, and I will be outraged if my tax dollars are sent out of state for this project.

Please hire a local firm for this! As a tax payer in this town I must say I hope you are
making that a top priority in the decision making process.

Go Local!!
Given our states current economic woes it seems to me to be a no-brainer to select a local firm.

I agree. Thanks.

Just came across this article and very happy to hear about the renovation of the downtown library. Thanks to the AADL for this initiative. I would like to know as to how did the presentation go and who were the finalists chosen for operating the renovation of the downtown library?