If you haven't been watching Dexter, you should definitely give it a try. It's a great series that premiered last year on Showtime. Not everyone out there subscribes to Showtime, though, which is where the library comes in. The first season of Dexter is based off of Darkly Dreaming Dexter, a book by Jeffry Lindsay, and the upcoming seasons correspond to the remaining sequels. The library carries the DVD's of the first season as well as the book series itself. Talking about the plot is tricky as it would ruin all the fun to reveal too much, but this much can be said: the show centers on a seemingly emotionless monster, a man that has been grooming his entire life to appear as human and likeable as possible, in order to mask his addicted lifestyle.

This is definitely a darker story than most, however it is admirably told and finely acted (with Michael C. Hall cast in the lead role). There are many angles to look at both the book and show series from, but it definitely centers on justice. Dexter is essentially a superhero that enjoys killing. This post may have been a little much for a Monday morning. But believe me, if you enjoy mysteries in general, you'll probably dig Dexter.