Jonathan Franzen's Non Fiction

Jonathan Franzen is known for his novels, especially “The Corrections” of several years back. But did you know that he is an engaging and intelligent non-fiction writer as well? I enjoyed his book of essays “How to be Alone,” which you will surmise is not a self-help book, but a more serious book about our culture. You might also like “The Discomfort Zone, a Personal History,” a memoir which displays a nice irony. Franzen can laugh at himself. You can find both these books, as well as Franzen’s novels in our collection.


Oh man, I love that book. Actually, my copy is signed. Mr. Franzen came around Ann Arbor and gave a speech at Rackham two years ago when I was reading How To Be Alone in English 325. People say he's a jerk, but I thought he was a nice guy.

Great that you got a signed copy. I didn't like Corrections too much, but then I came across "How to be Alone" and changed my whole opinion of Franzen. How nice that English 325 assigned it.