Making Hot Career Connections at Hot Shots


Looking to get your career off the ground? Michigan Works! and ETCS have teamed up with Ann Arbor Spark in association with the Mega Partnership to produce Hot Shots—a series of opportunities for job seekers to meet up with employers from across the country. Attendees can view a sampling of available positions ahead of time, and browse the list of participating companies. The next Hot Shots event will be held at Vinology on Wednesday, November 28, from 5-7pm. Participants should register ahead of time at the Ann Arbor Spark website.


And, the Library has a Share Network Access Point notebook at each location filled with sample resumes and other helpful information for job seekers. There are copies of each document you can take home and refer to while applying for jobs. It's a great tool.

What an innovative way to find employees and/or look for a job!