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I Can't Do Homework
I can't do homework.. its makes me sick.

Yes its November, the time for large papers to be due. Take a look at our wonderful online Research databases or browse by subject to find information that your teacher will be impressed with. Also, feel free to ask a librarian for research help: it's what we do.

For regular homework help, check out these websites:

High School Ace
Someone chopped up your textbooks and put them on the internet.

More after the break.

Internet Public Library's Teen Space
Homework help, paperwriting help and other intriquing stuff very recently updated by one of our very own library students who you may have seen at an AADL event.

Eric Weisstein's World Of Science
Biographies of famous scientists, along with information and equations from mathematics, physics, astronomy and chemistry.

An Interactive Periodic Table
And Another One
A Flash version!
Variety is the spice of life.


Good Morrow!
There is extant the possibility that these could prove to be highly useful; many thanks!!
Good Day!
------------Pickwick the Second, MP---------------

Thank you this will help my term paper a lot, without having to try hard.
Edith, you are now in my top 5 library personal.

"Round up the usual suspects."

*bows* I'm honored. :)

At first, all I read was the "someone chopped up your textbooks" part, and I cheered. Then, I read the rest of the post, and it all started to make more sense.
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