Super Folk!

Batman Begins, starring Christian Bale and Mrs. Cruise, is now available on DVD at the library. Could this be the best movie based off a comicbook ever made? Maybe, but here are some others that were pretty good too: Spider-man, Spider-man 2, The X-men, Hellboy, and The Crow. Of course, the best ever might be the man in blue tights, who'll return in 2006.


This movie was Batman at his best. If you are looking for a Batman who is dark and reminds you for Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, this is it. The movie follows the origins of the Bat and does a nice job showing why and how he became who he is.

I totally agree. I really enjoyed this latest Batman movie. Thank goodness the days of Joel Schumacher overseeing the Batman franchise are long gone! I think it was great that this latest Batman movie spent so much time with the origin story. One of the reasons why I really liked Unbreakable is because it was all about the origin of a superhero.