MC Otakon: Furuba

Fruits Basket: Tohru Freaks
Tohru Freaking Out. Nuff said.

Ohayo gozaimasu!
MC Otakon is back for another night of discussion, quizes, my home-made(okay, out of the box) brownies and Anime viewing. All the free books have been taken, but if you've read the series you are welcome to drop in to Malletts Creek on Wednesday night at 7pm. Be advised.. like AADL GT, I have a tendency to run overtime to watch an extra episode. And I prefer the sub, not the dub, much to certain fans' dismay.

Okay now to discussion of the books.. this week we're talking about 4-6. Some of my favorite moments after the break.

Book 4
p.31-32--Momiji dressed in boy's clothes, Yuki dressed in girl's clothes.. Reaction of the student body president: Priceless.

P.51--Tohru defends Yuki from Akito.

P.133-? Momiji recounts how his mother forgot him.

p.167--Hanajima and Arisa in funerary attire.

Book 5
p.33--Yuki in a tree surrounded by mice.

p.xx--Ayame's clothes in general

p.135-? Yuki's fan squad meets Megumi.. and suddenly denpa waves don't sound that bad.

Book 6
Ch. 32--Kyo, Kyo, and more Kyo.
Hand me a tissue box.


If the anime does go on, is the libary going to do more of these type of events?

If the anime starts a new season I will certainly make an effort to do so!

For Inu Yasha fans out there.. I have something in the works for you, but its very hush hush right now. ;)

My friend is beging me for the 7-9 th books.

my friend made up a song about Ayame. It goes likea this:

Your sooo prurrdy in that lovly dresssss!!
You look like a girl but you and nooooot!
You sneak into people rooms at night to scare the shizzles out of them in the morniinnnggg!
You make up storys to have lovly long hair in schooool!
YOur our purdy bishhhhyyyyy!
Amemyyyyyyyyyee! Amemyyyyyyyyyee! Amemyyyyyyyyyee!!!!!!!!!

Well if your friend signs up for the December MC Otakon, he/she can get books 7-9. And of course I don't remember what that sign up date would be.. Nov. 28th, perhaps?

Wow, I wish I could hear the music to that one.. it looks loud.

I know. It was funny. She's upsesed with pairing people so she said Kyo and Ayaa would make a cople. I was like 0.o


Okay, I can understand Arisa, but Ayaa?!

I just went blind.. XD

Ayaa wold probobly end up dead.

thanks for mentioning it before it's over this time. I might come, but Wensdays are the worst days for getting out of the house for me.


wahahahaha! me post like rabid artichoke!
my name's indigo, btw

your brownies were good, but i ate toooooo many


Whoa, Indigo, steady there.. Are you sure those were MY brownies you were eating? ^_^'

Welcome aboard. :)

Sorry Wednesdays are bad for you, Sir D. Scheduling good times is tough: everyone wants Saturday :).

I'm Amber. Black hair, Gravitation obsessed, and Hanajima like.

Welcome, Amber. Oh that reminds me.. got to pick up the dvds for tomorrow..

hola! its taryn, im blogging! W00T! and yea, i love those books they make me laugh ^_^

hey tee! its your bro, and im looking forward to the thing tomorrow, i hope we get prizes! woot!

Hehe! Prizes will be awarded, I assure you. :) Welcome!

Hey! Its me QUINN! HI indigo! HI everyone else! C u all tonight @ the furuba club!

!Prizes! *WOOT*

Im so happy! *cosplaying as Hanajima!!*

Nuts, I can't make it.


Are we going to get prizes if we blog for the next otakon event???

hmmm, good question..

Yes, there will be prizes to all new bloggers for the next event.. they probably won't be as elaborate as the prizes I gave out this time though.

Sorry you couldn't make it Sir D! I am going to have more weekend and day-off events in the future. Look for a chocolate tasting with Zingerman's in February, and a program with Ring of Steel on hand to hand stage combat the following day.

As for Manga, the Inu Yasha thing will be in May on a Wednesday afternoon-- its a school day off for teachers to program or somesuch.

I am hearing so much noise about doing more Furuba, I will try to put a Summer program together. I don't think I can add anything more to the Spring schedule--its Packed!!

hey im soooooohappy about this!!!!!
hey can you have a naruto manga thing? if that is possible! and GO FRUBA!!!!!!

ooohhh...Momiji-san's history is definitely worthy of remark...Like, we already know Tohru's and all, and Kyo's and Yuki's are still part of the storyline, but Momiji's I enjoyed reading...

wait a minute...could Ring of Steel come to the library? that would be mucho fun...I like swords, la la la...oh wait a minute, you just said they would. Yay!

Hey amber. It's shadow. Guess who.

Does anyone besides me like Gure-san (Shigure)? And has anyone ever pretended they have waves and stared at someone and then they go away? It's fun.

I like Shigure, but that's because I have a lot in common with him.