The Wheel of Time Keeps Rolling.. and Rolling

Its been about a month since the latest Robert Jordan novel Knife of Dreams came out, and over a decade since Rand al'Thor arrived on the scene of fantasy literature. The Wheel of Time series spawned not only a cult following, but also a news network and a neverending plotline. I'm a fantasy reader myself and I loved them.. until about book 7, when I came to the realization that Jordan, like Chris Carter of the X-files, was not in control of his story. Spoilers(not explicit) after the break.

Nothing is more irritating in a series than when all of your favorite characters are being marginalized by the glut of new characters. And believe me, there are some great characters and interesting plots hiding in there somewhere. When Jordan knocked off a major character who shall remain unnamed, I realized she was one of the major reasons I was reading the series. Without her, the compass of story went awry. Which is probably why Jordan keeps hinting about bringing her back.

Apparently the newest installment recalls the better writing of the early books in the series, and brings certain plot lines to a well-deserved end. Does this mean the series is finally coming towards some sort of conclusion, or at least a semi-conclusion(with Jordan, can there ever be a real end?)?

And does anyone else wish Tor books would retire the burly midget cover art?

I can't honestly say I'll never pick up another Wheel of Time novel. Maybe when Jordan finally finishes the series, maybe then I'll return to see if The Dark One ever does get vanquished.


I was reading him before but i didn't like the second book and i couldn't keep my focus on the third one; that is about when i started reading Raymond E. Feist.

He's halfway down my list of things to do.. I think I already read some of his work.. but it was probably during my three-books-a--week remember nothing period.

I'm almost done with 'Crossroads', which means KoD is next, which is perfect timing because it just became available on my holds list. Very odd how that all worked out seeing as I've read the series straight through from the beginning.


That series started off really good and the first 4 or so were page turners that I couldn't put down. But after that it started to drag a bit for me, so I stopped somewhere in the vicinity of book 7 or 8. Perhaps I'll start over in the future.

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