Hours of Crafting


The November issue of Hour Detroit, Detroit’s monthly magazine, features a great article about the local craft movement. The movement in general extends beyond crocheted potholders and Martha Stewart and has been on a slow rampage for the past several years. Artists, creators and makers do just that; make. Some do it to create and meet people and some are able to also do it as a full time job. Some have studios and some sell their wares online and in small boutiques on consignment. The Hour article gives face to local craft collectives like Handmade Detroit, the Michigan Design Militia and Loop- who get together to chat, craft and produce events for others to take part in. The article also features a handy guide to upcoming holiday craft fairs in Southeastern Michigan. For more reads, Bust, Venus (and soon Craft) are other magazines at the AADL with some edgy DIY appeal.


I'm a huge fan of buying locally and from individual artists - I usually manage to do ALL of my holiday shopping with small retailers or individual. Meetup is a great site to use to find local craft groups and hang out or to create your own! And if you haven't already discovered the addiction that is etsy you are missing out! It's loaded with MI artists as well!

It would have been super easy to make this post a mile long. So I tried to focus on print magazines. :) Craftster and Supernaturale are also fun crafty sites to poke around. For all things local Handmade Detroit focuses on Michigan happenings and Michigan artisans.