More Book Lust

Don't try to read this book without a pencil and paper, because you'll need them. Pearl seduces you into wanting, needing, to read the books that she has read. If you're unwilling to fall under her spell, this might not be the book for you. As for me, I'm dazzled, I'm willing and I'm ready to read.

Nancy Pearl first enticed me with her first book, Book Lust. Both of these books are worth reading, owning even. These books make great gifts for the readers in your life.

If this isn't enough to satisfy you, visit Pearl's website. Here you can keep abreast of where she is (on tour) and find a list of the projects she's working on. According to one source, Pearl is currently working on a third book, this one about books for children and teens.

If you've been struck by book lust, you might just want to visit bookslut, another site dedicated to turning people on to books.

For kicks, take a look at the Librarian Action Figure made with none other than Nancy Pearl in mind.