Steve Carrell

Steve CarrellSteve Carrell

Steve was interviewed on 10-24-07 on NPR’s Fresh Air program. Carell currently is one of Hollywood's hottest actors. He starred in 40 Year Old Virgin and Little Miss Sunshine, is a former correspondent for Comedy Central's The Daily Show and is the lead in the very successful American version of the TV show “The Office”
I’ve enjoyed seeing Carrel in several of his works but can’t put my finger on whether I really like his acting or that I watch while wondering if the role(s) he plays are believable?
If you can’t listen to NPR interviews when first aired you can pick them it up another time via NPR. They also have an interesting (over 500) list of podcasts that one can access anytime.


I've never once doubted his characters. I'll grant you, some of his characters tend to blend together, but they always have a real quality to them.