Calling All Graphic Novel Fans

Graphic Novel fans, mark your calendars for November 6th, to hear Kurt Hassler talk about GRAPHIC NOVELS. Who is Kurt Hassler? He the major selector of graphic novels for Borders bookstores across the country. Kurt will share his new top pics and also classic authors, artists, and titles that shouldn't be missed. Come ready to talk about your faves! Sunday, November 6th, 2:00-3:30 pm @MC, Grades 6-12.


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I do beg pardon for my dreadful ignorance, but what, precisely would a 'graphic novel' be? Are we discussing the scintillatingly fascinating field of mathematical imagery, the market of picture books for those who have attained a greater number of years than the Bush administration, or, perhaps, visual representations of some other nature?
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The "Graphic Novel" is basically a long-form comic book, but the phrase has become as the leading description of all materials written in cartoon pictorial form. See The Graphic Novel Review and No Flying No Tights.

Some feel that graphic novels are just the high-brow books, not including traditional superhero stories or Japanese manga. The way the library uses the "Graphic Novel" is more inclusive, describing anything from The Dark Knight to Maus.

"Graphic Novel" is just a term coined by people who feel that they're too old to be reading "comic books".
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Where are the results? Also i already said this but, what do you guys think of an all star game
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didn't duck already resond to all of bad driver's ideas?


Anyone into reading graphic novels, comics or manga?

I think the sur-prize round was worth too many points especially the second one.
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i read animal farm. good book. very good moral. this is my friend's defination of communism.

communism is like a hot-pot... (well, that's the literal translation)

everyone puts something in, and everyone takes something out, and everyone's supposed to put the same ammount in as they take out, but noone ever does...
and so everyone's too focused on taking the best thing out that noone ever puts anything in, and thus communism becomes corrupt...

damn, that's one slick metaphor

I read Manga and Comics some. I don't read much of either but I do have a vast knowledge of comic book characters and know a bit about Manga and Anime. I only read the Knights of The Dinner Table comics regularly. I mainly read SciFi and Fantasy books.

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i read a ton of manga, comic, and watch a lot of movies, and read books!!!
oh fun!!!