Where I want to be by Adele Griffin

Adele Griffin tells a compelling story about two sisters, Jane and Lily. In alternating chapters, from Jane's, then Lily's point of view, it gradually becomes clear that Jane is telling the story after her death in a car accident. Lilly is telling hers from the present. Jane had struggled most of her life with mental illness, often having difficulty separating the real from the unreal and only found solace with her loving grandparents. Lilly is attractive and popular but with her loss, tightens her grip on Caleb, her understanding boyfriend. Each sister finds freedom in a different way. A finalist for the National Book Award for young people, Griffin's book sheds light on the deep, abiding love between sisters that sometimes takes a tragedy to uncover.


Wow an understanding boyfriend you don't see to many of those.


Well, as you may remember, one of the exceptions was to be seen in Dale's unfortunate case... That didn't turn out so well.