Fruits Basket Discussion Thread

In honor of the Fruits Basket discussion at MC Otakon, I want to share some Chinese Zodiac resources. Find out about your sign!

I also want to note that as of now, this Wednesday's program is full.

Websites after the jump.

Chinese Culture Center's Chinese Zodiac Page
Includes photos of zodiac animal figurines along with information about personality traits and compatability.

Wikipedia: Chinese Zodiac
Did you you in the Japanese version of the Chinese Zodiac the Rat is a Mouse and the Pig is a Boar?
See how the elements of metal, water, wood, fire and earth can affect zodiac traits!


Will there be food. I'm not relly interested in that stuff but, I hope you get good attendance.
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ny1 can plz tell me what fruits basket is? All I know is that its a popular anime that many of my friends watch.


Librarian, Conan The
Conan the Librarian.

Fruits basket is both a manga--a japanese graphic novel and an anime series. The series only coveres the first eight or so books in the story, and there's actually a fan site devoted to trying to get producers to continue the series in anime form.

Here's the story, straight from Tokyopop:
The enigmatic Sohma family shares a great secret, its members are possessed by spirits of the Chinese Zodiac, and when they are hugged by members of the opposite sex, they transform into their Zodiac animal! Tohru Honda, an orphaned high school freshman, is given lodging in the Sohma household in exchange for taking care of household chores. The humble Tohru is quite grateful for the Sohma family's generosity, and the longer she stays with them, the more they realize what a blessing she is in their lives, as well.

yea! and its amazing! w00t! paraty! and yea, XP cant wait till tonight, gunna be a blast!