Round 3 Results: Roysterless Us still Unstoppable

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Last month, Clan Us proved that they weren't a one-trick pony. This month, they proved that the pony can still do multiple tricks repeatedly even if you cut off 2 of its strongest legs. That's one strong pony. Even without the presence of the mighty Royster brothers and even missing their solid third-stringer [gtplayer:504], Us was still able to dominate the afternoon with only smash masters #1 [gtplayer:788] (also known as lain) and #2 [gtplayer:483], plus the increasingly impressive double threat [gtplayer:382], who is now ranked 3rd over all, as Us hangs onto the top 4 spots on the leaderboard even with the amazing #4 [gtplayer:614] having missed an entire event. Us stayed pegged atop the clan standings all day and narrowly missed a victory sweep, even triumphing once again in the clan battle surprise game, Pixeljunk Racers. Read on for full event details.

We started off a little late as ejk and I dawdled before opening registration, with 58 competitors for the Smash Singles. The final 8 told a story both familiar but unusual as all 3 of Us were joined by Clan SSB's [gtplayer:962] and #5 double threat [gtplayer:457], the enigmatic [gtplayer:137], skilled rookie [gtplayer:1037] and #21 [gtplayer:852], who was perhaps avenging his unfortunately underaged brother/prodigy. The finals, however, told a totally familiar story as [gtplayer:788], [gtplayer:483] and [gtplayer:382] swept 1-2-3, with [gtplayer:1037] being one of the first to win the new improved lousy tshirt.

28 Smash Teams then faced off for our infamous cheaply-tiebroken-not-quite-double-elimination-but-sorta format, and the final 8 featured both Us teams (as [gtplayer:382] teamed up with [gtplayer:852], a great matchup) and both Brothers of Maplewood teams (with the Hibbs brothers [gtplayer:197] and [gtplayer:166] also in absence), along with two teams from the Reds (the Greens and the Blues) and Team ABC which included [gtplayer:1037]. While the Durskis were able to eliminate [gtplayer:382] and [gtplayer:852], BOM couldn't stop Lain and Cisco from winning the event, though the Savages still took 2nd and the Durskis took 4th prize, showing BOM's team smash depth, as Team AJ Products, inc, from the Angry Little Girls clan nabbed 3rd prize.

Kart Singles got rolling with 52 competitors, the closest to the smash count that kart has yet been as more smashers stay for kart. The final match featured [gtplayer:382], BOMers [gtplayer:143] and [gtplayer:736], the fearsome [gtplayer:962] and [gtplayer:457] of Clan SSB, plus [gplayer:151], [gtplayer:343], and #23 [gtplayer:377], in what was not his first trip to the kart final. [gtplayer:382] did his part to keep the sweep alive as he seized first from [gtplayer:962], leaving [gtplayer:143] to 3rd as [gtplayer:736] settled back into 4th.

Things were running on schedule as we began Kart Teams, with 24 teams making for nice full matches. We were plagued with reports of controller trouble, however, things kept moving through to the final race, which brought together all 6 Angry Little Girls, (including another good pairing on [gtplayer:382] with [gtplayer:947]) plus The Reds and Lard-In-A-Box, then Jewels and Money (featuring [gtplayer:962]) and a notable appearance of a girl in the finals (let alone the room), as [gtplayer:983] and formidable rookie [gtplayer:1052] lined up for what would be an amazingly intense race. When the dust cleared, [gtplayer:962] and [gtplayer:593] had roared to 1st place for clan SSB, robbing Us of a sweep as ALG's Tru Products takes 2nd, The Reds show promise with 3rd, and Us-ALG alliance [gtplayer:382] and [gtplayer:947] took 4th.

Despite fielding only three competitors, Us still pwned the clan leaderboard, racking up 8305 points, with BOM a distant second with 6780. The first round of the clan battle was single-player kart, with 4 Angry Little Girls against 4 racers from Clan SSB. ALG won decisively, moving on only to get immediately swept by BOM's two teams in team smash. The final game, the brilliant PSN title Pixeljunk Racers, had each clan fielding 4 players in a round of Sunday Drivers. The clan that passed the most cars before time ran out would ride to Clan Battle victory. BOM posted an excellent score, but Us, aided by sub [gtplayer:947] and [gtplayer:483]'s preternatural first-time skill with the title, edged them out to claim a second-straight Clan Battle victory, building their first-place season leaderboard cushion to within a stone's throw of 10,000 points, while 2nd-place BOM retains an 8,000 point cushion over Clan SSB. To put that in perspective, the point gap between the top 4 clans is more than the total season score for the next 4 clans put together. Is that meaningful? I'm not certain, but it sure did require a calculator.

Next up: the end of the regular season in just 3 weeks, plus more Guitar Hero & DDR, plus the Return of Pikmin 2 and a post-thanksgiving Pokemon D&P Tournament that will knock your socks off. Stay tuned!


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