Ugh! I've gotta get this paper done by tomorrow!

Research projects and papers give you a headache? Come learn tips and tricks to help you get organized and stay on course. Call 327-8301 to register for this two-part workshop:

Oct. 25, 7-9 pm Tackling Assignments, Pt 1: Process and Print Sources Downtown
Nov. 1, 7-9 pm Tackling Assignments, Pt. 2: Process, Electronic Databases, Internet, Malletts Creek
Nov. 15, 7-9 pm Tackling Assignments, Pt. 2 [repeat of Nov. 1], Downtown


This might help me since I am a procasanator.
Lets post on the other one.

procastinating is fun. its also a skill. i do someassignments in the morning before they are due.


Procastinating is such a bad habit.

"Round up the usual suspects."

Good Morrow!

The motto of Mrs. Dahl's AP History Class, for the uninitated, runs thus: "Procrastination Is Death!!"

Duck, good luck (retroactively) for the PSATs! Do you know when they return our scores?

"procastinating is fun. its also a skill. i do someassignments in the morning before they are due."
Sravan, this is not known as procrastinating unless accompanied by a tendency to do little or no homework in the afternoons and evenings. Rather, it exhibits good management of the perceived phenomenon of time.

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Wow, Mrs. Dahl is still teaching? AP history is a lot of work, but great college preparation.

Good Morrow!
Yes, she teaches AP History and Chinese Civilisations, both of which are relatively difficult courses. She is an excellent teacher, and she loves AP History, so I think she is likely to remain at Pioneer for some time yet.
May I assume that you also took, and survived, her class?
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Good Morrow!
As of 5:36:21 AM, I have completed my 30 notecards for the AP History Term Paper!!!!! ...It is just possible that I will attend the time-management seminars, because I certainly need to work on that skill...
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Actually, I did not PERSONALLY take her class.. I chose to take American Studies with Pollack instead because I felt I would be able to write more in the class (AP History=memorization). I remember my friends running around spouting dates and generally freaking out every time there was a big test.

Good Morrow!
Yes, I can understand the fear of Mrs. Dahl's AP History Tests(what sort of phobia would that be, I wonder?) As of even date, I have received a B-, a C+, and a B-, and on both the B-'s she has written the underscored word, 'Good!', which leads me to believe that I scored above the class average(yikes!!.) On the plus side, though, she awards a substantial quantity of extra credit points, so if one is able to attain a B- throughout the semester, one might receive an A- or a B+overall(I hope...) It does require an incredible amount of memorisation, and you made a wise choice in not taking it if such is not your metaphorical cup of tea.
I have just completed the second set of notecards for the term paper; next is the outline, which is, I believe, due next week or the week after that.
Yoicks! On to Chem work!!!
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