Now, I know I'm not the only one drowning in tomatoes ...

It's that time of year again: you've made gallons of sauce, sun-dried till they were coming out of your ears, canned a batch for later, and eaten salad after salad, and there are still more tomatoes ripening on the vine. What to do?

Take a look at some of our tomato cookbooks for fresh ideas for the rest of your crop:

The Tomato Festival Cookbook
The Great Tomato Book
Lee Bailey's Tomatoes
Tomato Imperative

(And don't get me started on zucchini!)


Librarian Rex Libris
He's Rex Libris, the new superhero librarian!

I know it sounds weird, but pickling tomatoes, green or red is a fantastic way to get zingy tomato taste all winter long without having to buy the high-priced and tastless hydroponic variety.

Very good sliced think on sandwiches or in winter salads.

My favorite is pizza ... my husband has worked out the best pizza dough recipe in the world, and topped with spinich, bacon, gruyere, and home-grown tomatoes, there's nothing better!

Too bad it takes all day to cook ...