Not My Type

You’ve seen them at the mall, in your classes, or even living next door. They’re Zingers, who constantly quote famous lines from TV shows and movies. Or perhaps they’re Molly McButters, young women who epitomize the “granny cool” look. You may have even met a Hair Gel Knight, those unfortunate men who have confused gallantry with male chauvinism. And if you’ve seen them, Robert Lanham has categorized them. His newest book is Food Court Druids, Cherohonkees, and other Creatures Unique to the Republic, a hilarious taxonomy of frequently seen American types. Lanham, a self-described idiosyncrologist, is the creator of the Hipster Handbook and a specialist in subcultures. As for Food Court Druids and Cherohonkees, you’ll just have to read the book!


Very funny stuff! Thanks for the recommendation.

Ann Arbor is a great town for spotting many of the freaks in this book - totally funny

Yeah Thanks for calling my friends freaks.

I don't think she was trying to get personal, Sir D.

We're all a little quirky and the book does a good job of pointing out weirdness which we may take for granted. I think its both a critique and a celebration of American idiosynchrasy. Having read the book, I have learned a valuable lesson:

NEVER buy a holiday cardigan.

Yours truly,
One of those librarians

awww, no holiday cardigans at all? but what if you wore it with a totally ironic hairstyle and some hipbone-revealing low-slung pants?

I call the look the "Libster:" a librarian who would look equally appropriate in an American Apparel ad or in one of those holiday photo-greeting cards where your whole family wears the same snowflake-patterned sweater.