While You're Waiting For...

...Lords of Dogtown, you might want to check out Thirteen (same director); or Yeah, Right, a documentary by Spike Jonze about some of the world's best skateboarders; or Dogtown and Z-boys, the true story of the Zephyr skateboarding team from Venice (CA's) Dogtown.


I have never skateboarded in my life but I am absolutely addicted to the fascinating history of its development. Dogtown and Zboys is a fantastic flick and so was Thirteen so I can't wait to see this film. It's all about this amazing convergance of time/place/circumstances in SOCAL at the time. THink about it - if there hadn't been a drought the swimming pools wouldn't have been dry and they wouldn't have developed what we now know as "vert" jumping... If they didn't build so many playgrounds in hilly areas with walls of concrete... food for thought.