AADL-GT Round 2 Results

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AADL-GT: Ann Arbor District Library Game Tournaments

The 2005 season thunders on, and round 2 fufilled expectations, with intense competition, increased controversy, and a solid 100+ turnout. Registration enhancements helped us get everyone checked in faster, and putting food and a TV outside the room was a big hit, decreasing the congestion and making more room for everyone.

The Mario Kart single-player event kicked off with 83 competitors, and a new split-screen approach, with two races going on at once. Everyone got 3 qualifying races, which unfortunately still took forever, and after a tiebreaker, the top 32 advanced to the quarterfinals. The semifinals got us down to a final 8 person race, with [gtplayer:168] taking First place, [gtplayer:141] taking second, veteran [gtplayer:345] taking third, and Black Shark Clan's [gtplayer:153] taking 4th, all getting a trip to the Surprize round, and to the grand championships in december. Read on for more!

Already way behind schedule, we charged on to the Mario Kart Team Event, with 38 teams competing, each team getting two races and 16 teams advancing to the semis. The finals of this event read like an induction list to the AADL-GT hall of fame (what an idea!), with TP2 and his brother winning the event, Trouble Monkeys taking second, the Inoculated Nuns (of the Vaccinated Monks clan of course) coming in third, and The other side of darkness (jlgelinas and ampshock) taking 4th.

There was plenty of pizza this time, and as we began the 105-player Super Smash Brothers Single-player melee, the infamous Noise Machine had thoroughly worn out their welcome, and were searching for lost or stolen drumsticks. With 2 battles per player, the competition was brutal as players attempted to get into the top 32 places to move on to the quarterfinals. Only winners advanced, and the four finalists were Pickwick the Second, DDR regular Piratey Critter, Skillz dat Killz' Monkeyman, and the Foreign Exchange's Dragoon Black. The mighty Pickwick emerged victorious from this intense battle, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is not all talk.

The Team Melee tournament, which didn't even start until 4:45, with 47 teams competing in a single-elimination, 2-stock battle. 4 teams advanced to the finals, winning a trip to the Surprize round and the Grand Championships: Melee Masters, Trouble Monkeys 2, The Blitzers, and Nitemare.

Finally, thinking our broadcast had long since ended (although later discovering that CTN had carried it to the end), the mystery game was revealed: Super Monkey Ball 2, with quals in Monkey Target, and the final Prize round in Monkey fight. Both games were an absolute blast, with the four highest targeteers advancing to a Monkey Fight for the ages between Vaccinate Monks Duck and BubblingBeebles, Piratey Critter, and Trouble Monkey Clan's infamous Joe S. Duck put on an impressive display, winning the $70 prize in 3 straight matches, with BubblingBeebles taking second for $50, and Joe S narrowly edging out Piratey Critter for the $30 3rd prize.

Clan play was fast and furious as well, with the Trouble Monkey Clan storming to the top of the leaderboard, but the Vaccinated Monks notched up over 6000 points to claim the Round 2 Clan Victory, and winning a trip to the Clan Cup in December.

Check out the leaderboard for full stats, including new features, like race-by-race stats and a wins table for each player, accessible to all. We've also got a new method to insert your logo, which actually works. Just add gtlogo:CODE in square brackets to your signature, and replace CODE with the code for your clan, which follows below.

Next up is our 13+ SSB-only tournament, Friday, October 21st, at 6:00 PM, and then Round 3 on Saturday, October 22nd, from Noon to 5:00 PM.

Here are the clan codes for clans that have logos so far, they're pretty much what you'd expect:

Trouble Monkeys: TMC
Vaccinated Monks: VMC
Turtle Clan: TC
T-Unit: TC2
Black Shark Clan: BSC


I don't think anyone except you (Pickwick) and I will post on this tread.

So Pickwick does the new Hierarchy in robotics supersede the required hours or are they equal? I just want to know if we want quantity or quality. Or if we won't have an away team at all with both requirements. Since only freshmen will be able to devote all their time to be at meeting and freshmen don't have the experience to do it alone. I know that there will be a few exceptions for who can go to the away competition if we have both requirements but freshmen plus Eric D., Eric R., Mercy and You doesn't make for a good away competition.

"Round up the usual suspects."

Good Morrow!
What you say is quite true. For written records: Eligibility for the competitions will be determined based on total number of hours rather than on number of meetings attended. The latter method is, as you say, stupid. We might be forced to institute a minimum amount of money raised (group fundraisers like the printer cartridge pickup would probably count toward all participants), but that would be a last resort; we REALLY don't want to have a requirement that borders on charging club dues, which is illegal(I think.) We do need money, though; using nearly half our time before the money is due, we have raised a mere pittance of about a thousand dollars, less than a quarter of our goal. During this time, we have run three fundraisers (Cookie dough, Poinsettia, and the other one), the first of which saw the involvement of 15 students. The poinsettia sale was somewhat disorganised on our part, which may have contributed to the miserable showing of 3 students, one of whom (Jonny Johnson) sold 64 poinsettias to earn $190 for the club. We have four more ongoing fundraisers: Coupon books, for which we are to pay by next Friday; Duct Tape, which is kicking in on Saturday; the Printer Cartridge/Old Cell Phone/Toner Cartridge/Pager pickup, which will occur on Saturday and, perhaps, again at a different time; and, finally, the can/bottle drive, which is sort of an ongoing collection effort(I don't know if it brings in any revenue, because everybody has forgotten about it, if they ever knew it existed...) More are coming up, including the Candy Sale, which netted the largest profit of any single fundraiser last year. The bottom line, though, is that, unless we can persuade people other than Little Ian, Alvin, myself, and Jonny to make an extra effort for the Team, we are not going to an Away competition.
I forgot to mention the first good news about our finances we've received this school year: we've been sponsored to the tune of $400 in store-credit from two stores, which means that we can recalculate our budget to put that sum toward the competition; that means we're almost a third of the way there, so, if the Candy Sale does especially well, we might make it. YEA!
As for the expectation that we are the only two who will post on this thread, it is my my opinion that you are forgetting another: the almighty Eli, Closer of Old Threads and Creator of New.
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Good Morrow!
I must add, under the agreement that this is strictly confidential and shall under NO circumstances be communicated to any other members of the Club or members of the general NON-Robotics-enrolled populace, that the regulations are, quite probably, too stringent and will need to be altered based on the level of participation across the group. I hope they will help motivate all current members to increase their involvement significantly, but in the event that fewer than, say, a third or a half of the students meet them, we might decrease the number of hours required. Of course, that in and of itself would cause problems, as the student(s) just below the cutoff line might feel that they were deliberately excluded or unfairly treated, and that would be a bad thing. In the best case scenario, all members will make the cutoff and not a soul will be left behind for the Evil Bus Driver to collect in the back of his bus.
Just a few hours left(of pre-school time, not of homework...)
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Well, it would seem that Eli has not yet closed this thread. I had been hoping that he would have taken action to close it while I still maintain my position of last poster, but alas, it was not to be. You'll probably get it. Well, enjoy it!
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