Go State!


Spartan fans of the World Unite! And while we’re waiting for the big game, read up on it’s history in Backyard Brawl: The Storied Rivalry of Michigan-Michigan State Football. Sparty also recommends The Spartans: A Story of Michigan State Football. Hungry for more? John Madden’s Ultimate Tailgating will give you the edge off the field as the Spartans march down the field to Victory!


Ooooh, the most controversial post of Banned Books Week! ;)

My admin powers are screaming out to be used...

must... not... deface... debbie's... post.... =)

It's times like these that I simply sit back and remember Oliver's Woofing Theorum, which states:

"in any given athletic competition (team, individual, amateur, professional), the team/player who is the most over-hyped or over-praised by his/her/its fans/supporters is likely to LOSE the competition."

Yes, Debbie's comments were very mild, but they are amplified because of the sheer number of the people who view it. Saying these comments to a friend or coworker would barely rate a blip on the Woofing scale, but to post such predictions such a repository of facts and knowledge as our dear Library website of all places will surely catch the attention of the Woof gods.

Whether that can help overcome the disparity or not, I don't know. But even as an admittedly biased Michigan fan I'm not getting my hopes up for this Saturday, Woof gods or not. =)

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I find the graphic on this blog to be most offensive. I guess it is no surprise that the Spartans lead the conference in offense

I think the victorious Wolverines may have awarded a ball game to the Spartan place kicker so at least MSU won something.