Crime Scene Investigation

Put mystery and science together and you get a cool thing called forensic science. If you are a big fan of the television show CSI (Crime Scene Investigation), then you know what I'm talking about. Check out our graphic novel collection based on the series, CSI and CSI Miami.

If you are in to hands on science, check out our CSI program on October 1st. There are still spots open for the 1pm program. Just call the Youth Department desk at 327-8301.


what is exaclty in the program? do we solve mysterys or what?

COOL, I am joining

李 治 學 leaving

Auf Wiedersehen-

Hey - the A2 Hands-On Museum is running this event. You will actually examine evidence from a "crime" scene and then learn some scientific techniques to solve the "crime." It's all hands-on and should be very fun, but if you think you will be helping OJ find the "real" killer - you would be wrong. Give it a try!

sweetness me and derek may join...whens thething at?

Call 327-8301 to register -- it's this Saturday from 1:00-2:30 at the Malletts Creek Branch.

cool count me in

Anyone else out there like to watch crime shows? I'm a huge fan!!

awwwwww man! this saturday is homecoming! That means im gonna be at the preparty! Then i get to the party, then the after party and then the after after party, which is in turn the preparty to the next party.

how did the CSI thing go? i missed it :(

oh yeah, it was today

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Auf Wiedersehen-

It was pretty cool. We had to figure out who stole this lady's jewels out of her safe. We analyzed fingerprints, compared blood samples, and tried to determine what the powdery substance was found at the crime scene. I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time. You guys were probably home watching the Michigan State v. Michigan game. I heard it was a really good game!

it sure was. we made a fumble and an interception which is really bad. but we still won in the end. we also missed the field goal. the CSI thing sounded like fun.

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Maybe the library will do it again some time if people start saying they missed out on it. Did anyone see the game last weekend? I had tickets and left in the last minute so I missed Minnesota getting the field goal. It sucks that they won in the last minute! I hope the Penn State game is better.

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Yeah me. I really LOVE those crime shows. When I grow up I wanna be a CSI I also wanna be a fashion designer, singer, actress, chef, mother, computer teacher and a manga-style author.

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