Red Hot Witchy Read

Red is For Remembrance by Laurie Faria Stolarz is the latest in her wicked new series. Laurie's stories blend suspense, romance, and the art of keeping secrets - with spicey doses of teen witchcraft and magic. Be sure to start with Blue is for Nightmares, followed by White is for Magic and Silver is for Secrets. A perfect way to get into the witchy season ahead...


How did this get on,

Black Shark Clan


Let My People Go!

What the heck?

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its just some new books lets post on the other blog.

I am not into witch craft books, i am more of sci fi

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Guh. Come on guys, it's the axis blog, not the aadl-gt blog. If you'd like to talk about aadl-gt, you can do it in a post tagged AADL-GT. Here, you could talk about Laurie Faria Stolarz. Just a suggestion.

Sorry to rain on the parade guys... We'll be posting on all sorts of stuff that has nothing to do with GT :) - *but* maybe you guys know some cute girls into witchcraft? Could be a good conversation starter...

Oh Oh good Idea *find cute girls into witchcraft*. Thanks alot Erin.

lol @ Erin. Good idea. :-)

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Eli, WHY ON EARTH is 'Taxonomy' part of the URL? Is that, by any chance, a commentary?

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Heh, not remotely, Pickwick. See here.

OH. Um, I seem to have mistaken taxonomy for a rather different word. Oops...
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ha ha ha ha ha i got the third to last post on the previous blog muhahahahahah

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I shall get it again

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Anti Snowman, I just want to thank you for the service you provide. It's really helpful to chase your attempts at a 'last post' around the site. It helps me remember to close the outdated threads. =)