Leaping lizards! The lad can dance!

Billy’s dad wants him to be a boxer. Billy’s brother wants him to be a boxer. Even Billy wants to be a boxer, sort of.

Everything changes when Billy secretly starts learning ballet instead of boxing. Billy Elliot is an unsentimental celebration of family, dance, and community set during the 1984 coal miners’ strike in northern England. Be aware that despite the young protagonist, this movie is rated R. Fans of The Full Monty, Ma Vie en Rose, or Strictly Ballroom might enjoy this sweet, exuberant, and riotously funny film. And of course there’s plenty more out there about lads, leaping, and labour conflicts.


I'm ashamed to admit this, but I nearly fell asleep the first time I watched Strictly Ballroom over 10 years ago. Now whenever I watch the film I can't help but smile and appreciate the brilliance of Baz Luhrmann. Although, I really disliked his take on Romeo and Juliet.