Along came a spider ...

Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys arrived today. Readers have been waiting to see what Gaiman would come up with next: he seems able to write anything, from picture books and novels to comics to screenplays. He's also one of a scant few authors I like to hear read his own works (sorry, Stephen King).

If trickster gods aren't your thing, allow me to suggest the story "Murder Mysteries," available as a wonderful radio play on Two Plays for Voices. It's a meaty whodunit with a dead angel, a novice detective of sorts doing what he was made to do, and layers of clues and meanings. Warning: it might take more than one listen to catch all of the foreshadowing, but each time through is a delicious new experience.

(You can also read the original story in in Gaiman's anthology Smoke and Mirrors.)