Dangerous Books Ahead! Do Not Read These Books!

Every year, the American Library Association puts together a celebration of the freedom to read, called Banned Books Week. This year, BBW will occur from September 24-October 1. In honor of the hundreds of wonderful, well-written, well-loved books that have been challenged or banned in America, look each Saturday (starting 9/17) in September in the “Books Blog” to find books that have been challenged or banned for some…“interesting”…reasons.
For example:
The American Heritage Dictionary was banned in Alaska (1976); Indiana (1976); Montana (1977); and California (1982) due to…objectionable language. Who volunteers to be the first to write a dictionary without any objectionable language?
Bury Me At Wounded Knee by Dee Brown was banned in Wisconson (1976), because, and I quote… “if there’s a possibility that something might be controversial, then why not eliminate it?”
Athletic Shorts by Chris Crutcher (who may well be the most banned author of the 21st Century), was banned in South Carolina (1995); and Alaska (1999) because the book deals with divorce, violence, AIDS, and homosexuality, issues that kids today really are faced with.

All information comes from “Banned Books: 2004 Resource Guide,” written by Robert P. Doyle, and published by the American Library Association.


Another great book that was recently challenged in Milan is The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier.