The Sexiest Man on Television

Burke, James

All right, after seeing his frazzled hair, lined face and bow tie, many of you may think that I've officially cracked. But I stand by my declaration: No man in the entertainment industry even comes close to the animal magnetism projected by James Burke. If you clicked on that link you're probably giggling by now. "But Charity! He's just a goofy BBC Television host!", you say. And I say, "Bah!" The reality is that this man has a brain calculated to make ladies swoon for miles around.

Between his television specials, and his innovative KnowledgeWeb Project, James Burke is an imaginative educator par excellence. Through the miracles of something called "cross-reference" or "cross-index", Mr. Burke illustrates the unlikely connections between (to rip off the Smithsonian link I just posted) "the Hubble Space Telescope, Buffalo Bill, and the Spanish Inquisition," between "margarine’s strange origins, plankton shells, receding stars, hot chocolate, and the first solo Atlantic flight", and he does it with such energetic conviction, that you can't help but be swept up in the wonder of our interdependence on each other, nature, and the things we choose to create and destroy.

I looked all over the web for a good link that explains how a cross-index is like a tree that takes you from one idea to another, but the best I could find was this. Better yet, just watch Connections 1, the television show that started the schoolgirl crush of a lifetime.


Either you're not crazy, or we both are. One of my high school classes watched both Connections and Civilisation, and I could never decide which presenter I liked better, Burke or Sir Kenneth Clark. Between the two of them and Douglas Adams, I think they might have known just about everything worth knowing.

I totally understand where you are coming from. The bigger the brain, the hotter they are.

My recent TV genius crush was The Elegant Universe host, Brian Greene. He explains the basics of string theory in an interesting way on he show (haven't read his books, naughty me). He also has a really nice smile.

Hee! *Girlish giggle*