Of Of Mice And Men

For the end of Banned Books Week, I shall write my third and final book blog—which suits me just fine, as I don’t think I’ve read more than three books in my life—about another high school and banned book staple, John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. If you haven’t read it, it’s great. Stunning analysis, I know, but I actually want to clarify book banning. Only one school or library in the entire country (of which there must be dozens… maybe more) has to challenge or ban a book to make the American Library Association’s list. And even though Of Mice and Men is amazingly depressing, coarse, and violent, why would any library not carry it, or a school not create a forum to discuss it? We need controversial books, books that make us react to them whether it be, we love them, are disgusted by them, or they make us hungry. We need to read a book and want to talk about why we love it or why it should never be read by another human, but we shouldn’t ban books. That’s not discussion. That’s the end of discussion.


This is one of my favorite books ever. I remember even as I child I've read it a few times. Always seemed that I can find some similarities between the plot of the book and life generally. Thanks for writing this review. It simply rocks.

Sergiu Zburatoru
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