GT Round 2 Results: A very good day for Us

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AADL-GT history was made today when legendary supertitans Clan Us stormed to victory in all four events, earning an astounding 11,190 points, capturing half of the day's top 4 spots, and topping it off with a clan battle win at Calling All Cars for PS3. This is also the day when Us established their true depth as a clan with balance, ending their smash-centric reputation and cementing themselves as a potent, multilayered, unstoppable force. That puts Us in the amazing position of holding the top 4 spots on the season leaderboard, with Shin Oroachimaru in #1 after an amazing day.

Right behind remains the Brothers of Maplewood, racking up 4 top 4 finishes and 6810 points, a score that would have put them atop the leaderboard on another day, who also proved greater depth today, taking 2nd in Smash Teams.

This season continues to collapse into an epic struggle between these two mountains of talent, with the 6 of Us and the 6 Brothers of Maplewood accounting for 12 of the top 14 spots on the leaderboard. Read on for full details.

We got started on time with Smash Singles, as 61 players formed 4-player pools for a free-for-all and a round robin. 32 then advanced to seeded elimination. By the time we reached the top 8, the story of the day was already becoming clear as 5 of them were representing Clan Us. [gtplayer:606] defeated [gtplayer:483], but Clan Us's [gtplayer:382] was defeated by wunderkind protege [gtplayer:1030] of the Asian Invasion, who went on to defeat even the mighty [gtplayer:614] in the semis before finally being stopped by [gtplayer:788], who took first place (and also won the friday night regulation event). [gtplayer:606] then handed 3rd place to [gtplayer:614], making for a Clan Us near-event sweep but for that Asian Invasion.

Smash Teams began with 27 teams registered and two matches for each team. Ties between teams that went 1 and 1 were then broken by clan scores, which led to a round of 8 with 2 teams from Clan Us, two teams from the Asian Invasion, and one each from BOM and SSB. While the Royster's Team Silence defeated The Dark Angels (#6 [gtplayer:457] and [gtplayer:137]), The Brothers of Maplewood's team Oh Yeah (#7 [gtplayer:197] and #9 [gtplayer:166]) stopped the Tiny Terrors ([gtplayer:1028] and #14 [gtplayer:1030]) and even beat Team Silence, only to lose to the unstoppable combo of Clan Us's #2 [gtplayer:788] and #3 [gtplayer:483] in the finals, handing them another first place finish for the day.

Rolling on into Kart singles with 57 players registered, the Brothers of Maplewood felt like we were headed into their turf. While the final 16 included 4 BOMs but only 3 of us, the final race included two of each: [gtplayer:146] and [gtplayer:197] from BOM, and [gtplayer:614] and [gtplayer:382] of Us. Due to a scoring error, [gtplayer:614] had advanced instead of [gtplayer:606], although [gtplayer:614] had placed 2nd in his mistaken semifinal, earning his spot. I gave them the option of switching Omega who should have advanced into the final instead of shin Oroachimaru who had advanced, and they decided to leave Oroachimaru in the finals. That turned out to be a good decision, as [gtplayer:614] went on to win the final race and claim a third event victory for Clan Us, as [gtplayer:146] and [gtplayer:197] took second and third. Fourth place went to [gtplayer:424], who did quite well in the event and is clearly a player to watch.

The pressure was on BOM to step it up and assert themselves a bit in the face of Us's impressive prowess as the Team Kart event began for the 24 registered teams. After two races each (and no tiebreaker required!) the semifinal 16 featured again two teams from Us but all three teams of BOM, plus two teams of Angry Little Girls, another emerging contender for the still-up-for-grabs third place in the clan standings. All seven of those teams advanced to the final race, along with the Dark Angels, where the Roysters proved they had what it takes to deliver another win for their Clan, storming to first and securing the first-ever first place sweep by a clan. second place went to the [gtplayer:457]-powered Dark Angels, while [gtplayer:382] and [gtplayer:504] of Clan Us took third as well, leaving Oh Yeah! of BOM to fourth.

So, with taking all 4 firsts, 1 second, and 3 thirds, Clan Us was perched high above the other clans with a ticket to the clan battle finals. Asian Invasion was unable to field a team, so the Round 2 Clan Battle started off with a Kart Singles race for 4 members of Clan SSB and 4 Angry Little Girls. ALG scored 190 points in that race, while SSB got 200, edging out the girls and earning the right to then get completely swept by the Brothers of Maplewood at Melee enroute to their rematch against Us in the Clan Battle final. At round 1, BOM had blown away all contenders at Monkey Target, but this month's game was David Jaffe's multiplayer masterpiece Calling All Cars for the PS3. After each clan had one game to warm up, Clan Us got an early edge over BOM and held it until the end, winning the
Clan Battle and wrapping up an amazing day filled solely with contests that they had won, as they demonstrated decisvely that Clan Us is not the one-trick pony their opponents hoped they were.

Next up is a talk by Greg Trefry, game developer, and then the Rhthym Master tourney 10/19, followed by Round 3 on 10/20. See you there!


nice job clan us, destroying everyone
I AM GOSU I WILL PWN U I AM L33T!!! [gtlogo:BOM]

Wow... there's like no other clans in this, it's just US against BOM, and even the it's not that close of a fight.

I know this has been asked several different times, but what are the games that are going to be in the Rhythm Masters tournament again?
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wtf it says RedBullAddict is the one who got 1st in smash singles. ahahah.

im now here !!!!

Who actually won Smash?
Anyway, no one from my clan could show up to the tournament, and we're still 4th in the standings, WOOOT!!!

shin: lain won FJW

woops, fixed that. sorry lain. You're player 788, he's 588, just a typo.

actually fjw im pretty sure "the SDH" from your clan showed up yesterday

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

lol he did nothing to really help but your clan did get some points

also, aadl-gt 4.2 doesn't show up on our personal player history, but the points are factored in. it doesn't look like the exp has been factored yet though.

also, Us is too friggin good. i beasted singles easily, knocking out some players and showing people where i really stood: atop everyone sans francisco.

shin is also amazing. too good with kart. too. good.

that is all.

omega-this time i left with 75 but next time sense the pokemon tourni is coming up i will leave with over 100. Also brothers of maplehood you better hope that a miricale comes because you guys have now lost visual of us. We are so far ahaid that you can't even see us anymore. Face it we are the perfect combonation that cannot be killed or defeated. We should be the immortals.(but us is o.k) Now sense we made history you can never say again that we are a smash only clan. We proved our point fair and square so i think we have fully earned our respect.

P.s- we will always be in aadl gt history as the first team to win in all events. EVEN 5 years from now everyone will still know UUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

yea not gonna happen!!!!!!

i will respect the victorys, but all it takes is that 1 time when i win and take the grand prize from you that will make it to history!!! (johninabox upsets lain, shin and omega to win the grand prize while the three members of us all the a t-shirt that says (i got pwned at aadl-gt))... hahahahaha nooooobssssssssssssss

Omega actually in five years you will be forgotten. Believe me. Clans and individuals have dominated before and been forgoten.

Also it is going to come down to a mystery game

There have been other great accomplisments that are really vaguely reembered

like joe s no one knows him any more

he dominated 1st season and now he is gone in everyones minds

OMEGA-your just hatin. If you were the wons who did it you would be jumpin up and down and hugging eachother. This has never happenned before so anytime a clan in the future thinks they have made a new record eli will be able to bring our names up. he'll say it like this. Well actually about three years ago there was a clan that placed first in EVERY EVENT. Then they all will open their mouths and shake their heads in dis belief. Plus if nobody remebers us in the future then you all still will Hahaha. One day ill be tell these stories to my family about how i made history and pwned you guys. Also lets stay in the present and not in the future becuase you keep saying....Ooohhh wait tell the gt for the mystery game. And stop relying on the mystery game cause you see who won this time.

No Omega suprisinly we aren't hating.

Omega me and my brother swept every single team kart tourney except one were we got second last year.
Some people know this, but we didn't go down into history. By next season a few people might vaguely remember just how few people vaguely remember me and my bro going #1 and #2 in August season 3

Now im not trying to brag i just don't remember other peoples accomplisments further back than the current season except my own so if other people want to add accomplishments dating back a few seasons please do

So Omega you might remember your clans great victory and yeah when your grandchildren are sitting in your lap you probally would tell them about winning some video game tourtaments at a library.

My point with the mystery game that is it doesn't matter whether you have #1 seed or #2 seed you just have to win one round than it comes to down to the randomness of a mystery game

omg that will be a great conversation

grandchild, when i was alittle older than you my clan went 1st in every mario kart and super smash bros game at a turni in ann arbor...

well grandpa, WTF is mario kart and super smash bros???????

dang you old!!!!!!!!!! we gots them virtual games now we dont play that gamecube crap any more.. we play kooler games that when you get hit in the game you get hit in real life!

hahaha i look forward to you having that conversation.

(you) hey baby, my clan went 1st in all events at a turnament for videogames!!!
(girl) piss off (pepper sprayed and tazed!!!!!)


thats because joe smos turned into a druggie loll

idk if eli would snork that or not

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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omega-what ever even if i don't place in the gt(which i will) i already have won. Im not going to be spacific and tell them the game and everything. Im just going to tell them that ever place you go that there is going to be HATERS AND NOOOOOOBS and that they can prove um wrong just like i did. Gosh i don't even think you guys have anything to talk about anymore. First you talk about how your going to pwn all at the touri and it never happenned. And now you talking about getting into the gt and pwning which will never happen. Just keep your t-shirts and be happy. Yeah john, your going to be a 80 year old and teethless and bald man walking around with that same aadl gt t-shirt. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

hahaha when i get that after party for my films your the only 1 not invited!

but ill make sure to keep these shirts for as long as i can or untill paintballs destroy them...

Too busy playing Phantom Hourglass to remember what I wanted to say.


any 1 wanna sell an ipod i need to buy a new 1 mine got krumpt up

haha i think i saw bad driver at the cc meet today

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

Yeah i was at one. Why is that funny?

cause its funny to see you somewhere outside the aadlgt, didnt get to see you during the race though

howd you like those hills in our course?

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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Yeah it is weird to see people outside of the GT like when i saw Eli at target.

Those hills were horrible. Those shouldn't even be on the course cause you can't even run up them. Except all the saline people could go full speed up them

hahahahaha this is what alex did to me cept he stompted on my bike and didnt break my leg

but... still he got revenge for a .99 cent hamburger!!!!!

the guy in this video got a giant doctors bill all for a subway sandwitch!

Ha ha. That is mildly funny.


Shin: Hey John if your ipod is corrupted you can call the apple company and they will try to help you out and if they cant they will send you a new one if you still have a warranty i know this because the same thing happen to me.

Finally you guys release the Season 2 video. Thanks I can't wait to watch it.

You tricked me, this is the August 25, 2007 tournament.

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"Who's on first."

ok i got it 2 years ago ill try but if not w/e ill destroy it and fiplm it... it will be funny

Nah, don't destroy it or "fiplm" it. I'll take it, and if I can get it fixed you can have it back. I can just use it for parts. I've got another inactive ipod and I know exactly what parts it's missing. I'm too lazy to buy them, but you get the idea.
BTW, what is fiplm?


I'm guessing he meant "film". But he may not have. He may have meant "fiplm". In which case, I have no idea what it means.
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i think he wants to fully immasculate people loving meat

hahaha it is film

tape the destrustion

dont forget about clan ssb. we had a very good chance of winning the clan battle had we not been missing two players

btw eli can u switch dale into our clan cause hes in our clan now instead of his bro

whaaat nooo i was gonna ask dale to be in my clan

what about this, my clan vs urs in a crew battle in smash, whoever wins gets dale

deal? i mean u guys are the "ssb" clan........

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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P.S. Limabean i need your email again so i can send that website i promise you.

happy birthdayyyyy to drex

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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Yawn... The Foriegn exchange is gonna win this year. Thats all you need to know.

shin: Yawn.... get real.

Yawn... lol we may lack members, skill, talent, and points but we make up for that with our hustle. And by "we" i mean me and by "our" i mean my :)

hahaha ssb clan was not close to beating B.O.M. in smash

we swept you we went 4-0

you are not the super smashbrothers clan...

you are the super smashED brothers clan

hahahahhahahahaha we stompted you and we will not face you again because you will not make it pased us when you play them in smash

(you will get 3rd or 4th and us will get 2nd and B.O.M. will get 1st !!!!!

belive it!

also naruto= nooooob nub!!!!!!

whatever you guys can play kart, now admit I can play smash

shin: in singles no way but teams if your basing wat happen on teams between me and my brother then seriously get real. That was a BIG mistake and it wont happen again. But you have improve so wat i'll give you that much.

shin: JOHN: "(you will get 3rd or 4th and us will get 2nd and B.O.M. will get 1st !!!!!)" wait are trying to say you guys are gonna get ahead of ***U.S*** in points. MAN KEEP DREAMING !!!!

shin: Yawn..... Angel each member in **U.S** has more points than your clan plus even if you recuited anyone the top 4 members of our clan would still have more points. So seriously get GET REAL!

shin: Shin: "But you have improve SOME wat i'll give you that much." I meant :)

no i wont admit that drex

seeing as how my team beat you :)

but you did beat the tiny terrors ill give you that (my brother and my partners younger brother)

not gonna happen again though

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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no im saying that in one of the turnis(next 1 and the one after that and so on)

B.O.M. will be ahead of you and you will c that im not just a kart player im now playing smash every day.

3 hours a day every day not kirby but as fox!!!!! falco!!!!! and peach!!!!!

so i look forward to finishing that race that we didnt have timw to finish!!!!

and winning some smash

Yawn... Lol.GET REALl? Ha! What a joke. You totally underestimate me. But if youre so sure that we dont have a chance why don't we bet on it? See i planned on winning both smash events in the next tourni. So to make it intresting ill let you choose which character ill be. When i win both events you just have to take back what you said about the foriegn exchange, and if you win (which you won't ) i'll just let you pick something. Deal?

lol flare are you serious, even i don't say stuff like that

and u werent even worthy of a 1v1 from lain on friday lol

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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Yawn... of course im serious. The only reason i said it is because i know i can do it. Besides that was FRIDAY the tourni is next month. All i have to do is practice. Simple as that

if by a month you mean 13 days then ok

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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Yawn... well if you want to split hairs then yeah but still; besides whether it's two weeks or a month it's all i need. I'm just that good :p. Of course i will have to get my self a gamecube and a copy of the game but...yawn... still no problem.

yea my email is but could u tell me when u send it cus i dont check it regularly and i get a lot of spam

holder of the 12000th post and also the STD post and holder of the record for most lemons stuffed into a single chicken and holder of most superscope glitches performed in aadl matches, 3 to be exact and probably more next time

hmmm. i come back from a smash tournament in dallas to this? tsk tsk.

for one, d-rex, no one will admit you can play smash. you can't. you spam dash attack at obvious times, you dsmash after not being able to float cancel (or even l-cancel thing) to cover up your terrible tech skill, and you dodge to much which means i get a free grab in due to predictable timing. gg.

johninabox, all i'll say is if you're gonna actually practice smash a lot, you better make it interesting then next time. : )

angel of death guy, errmmm... i'm sorry to have to tell ya but it'll be impossible to win both smash tournaments. : / you certainly are better then 85% of the aadl (which are complete nubs) but you don't hold much salt over people who are good.

good day.

yea im playing smash alot!

im getting kinda good

now im kick a$$

Yawn... "you don't hold much salt over people who are good." That is true as of right now but the tourni is 13 days away and 13 days is 312 hours which is 18,720 minutes which is 1,123,200 seconds. And that my friend is a lot of seconds and im going to spend each and everyone of those very same seconds breathing because if i didn't i'd suffocate and die, and while im busy breathing i'll be thinking about various things such as, " This class sucks", "Why is this guy talking", "How many licks DOES it take to get the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?" And of course "Will the world ever know?" But aside from those thoughts i'll be thinking about playing smash which is even better than actually playing smash because it takes less time and effort toget better at it, and therefore enabling me to get better faster in the 1,123,200 seconds that ill be spending breathing, and tinking nihilistic thoughts about nothing in particular which will, in the long run prepare me better for the two tournis to which i will be attending.

wow who is this and UMMMM WHAT?

Yawn... Its still me flare i just got bored with my name and changed it. it will probably change like 5 more times in the next 13 days or as i like to say 1,123,200 seconds. And to youre other question all i can say is: exactly. But if you want a better answer it would be: Yeah son, yeah

Actually dude, it's incredibly hard to improve at smash. And it's better to be playing with people in a ton of friendlies then just thinking about it.

Yawn... but for me its so much improving as it is remembering. While youre probably right about the playing instead of thinking i dont have time tp play but i have tons of time to think so i have do what i can when i can and how i can.

ill sell you a cube, a copy of smash, and a memory card with all u need for smash for $60

u dont need a controller since ive seen you carrying one around

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

Yawn... actually i do need one because the ones youve seen me carry were other peoples lol but otherwise sure.

shin: Flare i dont even know who are and telling by stats your not even competition. Also if think you could get on top in a mouth your .......... Honestly your not wroth time. GET REAL!!!!! ttyl

Yawn... lol you're really starting to sound like a broken record. Well you would have a point about our stats if they were the ones fighting but since they' re not i don't see how they are relevent. Also if you don't think I could get to the top in a month your ......... Honestly your seriously underestimating me. :P

I ment team smash, I know I won't win at singles

Shin: flare just because you and D-rex beat me and my brother on FORESIDE plus we SD a couple doesnt make you all mighty and powerful in smash. BIG DEAL YOU GOT LUCKY!!! just because were winning in kart now doesnt mean you guys are good in smash NOW. And who told you all of a sudden you can get good in smash in a mouth because who ever told you that LIED. It took DASHIZWIZ ( a beast in smash) a mouth to master the wavedash and you could touch him in your life time in smash and here you are sitting here talking " o ive been practing dont under estimate me" you have no history of beening good in smash so seriously GET REAL!!!

p.s plus you lack exp

yea many they did but still you got lucky at kart you still got not skills in kart

also....cruisn on my scrapper bike!!! im rolln on my scrapper bike!!!...

i got hit by a car today walkin to school

holder of the 12000th post and also the STD post and holder of the record for most lemons stuffed into a single chicken and holder of most superscope glitches performed in aadl matches, 3 to be exact and probably more next time

how fast was it going?

also did you sue? sew.. how ever you spell it, im not thinking clearly


hahaha that is riley !!!!!!!!

also crank that scrapper bike!

it was goin bout 30

holder of the 12000th post and also the STD post and holder of the record for most lemons stuffed into a single chicken and holder of most superscope glitches performed in aadl matches, 3 to be exact and probably more next time

Yawn... Sorry to have to say this but you're wrong/confused on a lot of points
1. I wasn't partners with D rex I honestly don't know where u are coming from with that. You played Dale and I at FD and you won. so uhhh yeah. Besides if i ever did win because you SDed a couple of times id take the victory and move on, but I would still acknowledge that you should of won and i'd never brag about it.
2. no one has ever told that i could get good in smash in a month so far ive only gotton "comments like your "GET REAL" and Lain's "It will be impossible for you to win both smash tournaments."
3. i never said that ive been practicing the only thing i said was that you're underestimating me.
4. A month to master wavedashing? really? that seems kinda long since, idk, since wavedashing isn't that hard. Actually idk about the rest of you but for me its not.
5. Why worry about my history at smash its the future that were talking about. Or at least i am.
6. We've already been over the exp thing so you can just look at my last post for my argument against that.
7. there is no 7
8. ( just for dramatic effect) STOP UNDERESTIMATING ME!!!

P.S. this goes out to everyone. I'm going to stick with this name but ill still answer to the following: flare, chichi, chioke, angel of death, DDD, and Mr. choke-ums.

John's video = fail.

People can't animate the kickSNORKery that is Dane Cook. You have to see it live, or you can't have pictures with it.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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D-Rex, why do you think you're good in teams? How do you base that?

and Angel, well, it took me even LONGER to master wavedashing. I'm not talking about randomly wavedashing, or whatever. I'm talking about using it for spacing purposes and mindgames.

hahaha true very true but still that is what it most likly looked like!!!!!

also i got that scrapper bike and im crusn on my scrapper bike rolln on my scrapper bike!!!!

shin:"See i planned on winning both smash events in the next tourni." flare you posted these words meaning some how you've got better(practice).plus when i said exp i meant in the game not in the addl gt. Also wat makes you so confident? your at your peak and i dont c you getting on top anytime soon. honestly i didnt know who you are intell you starting posting garbage on the forum of how you gonna win in smash. And thats why i tell you to GET REAL! i pay attendion to the big names and sad to say (not really) your not one of them and thats fact.

shin: John i dont have skills but i place higher in kart. Yep that just totally makes sense.And i guess i should thank god of how lucky i got right? doesnt matter i do it regardless :)

yay sonics in brawl!
if hes as fast as he should be then he'll be te best character in the game
and a month to master wavedashing is a really long time unless you do like 1 minute a day X_X
took me and tub o lard like 30 minutes.
I AM GOSU I WILL PWN U I AM L33T!!! [gtlogo:BNC]

Yawn... Shin if you dont know me how can you possibly know what my peak is? Also i guess youre just misunderstanding me i me i plannned on winning but i also said "Of course i will have to get my self a gamecube and a copy of the game but..." soo.. uh yeah. But yo are right about the exp thing, except that exp isnt the only thing when it comes to smash there is also just plain natural talent. Btw nothing well i can't really say makes me confident so ll just use a quote "Now i could these dream killers kill my self-esteem, or i could use my arrogance as my steam to power my dreams" so yea that only not as big as my dreams and all that. If u didn't understsand ill try to explain it better l8er.

And lain about the wavedashing thing i guess we just have different meanings of the word master. What mastering means to me is to have the ability to do it whenever i feel like. I guess what im tryin to say is that im tryin to master the ability to use it instead of mastering the use of it.

shin : flare i do apologize for the mix up i thought you were in the team that did beat me and my brother in smash. But anyways you said you plan on winning but you dont have gamecube. Why even talk about future victories if you dont have the source to obtain it? and for a fact your no pc chris. And wats this about talent ? all this time you've been in the aadl gt and now your so called talent gonna kick in. yep that still makes a whole lot sence, since you dont have a gamecube. what are you trying to say is that winning smash is your dream? Well if that was the case you would have been had a gamecube and you would seriously try to get some real player exp like lain. so like i said GET REAL!!! your no threat in this competition so why keep talking about this anywayz? i believe when your at least top 10 on the leaderboard then you should be able to trash talk but lookin at your spot now i think you should stop saying stuff like that because its really hard to take you seriously.

and doomblaze... yeah you guys "mastered" it in 30 minutes... but notice how i SNORK you? yeah... i SNORK you with not me just randomly doing it whenever, but i SNORK you by wavedashing out of shield to grabs... waveshining.... wavedashing for spacing... you get my point.

[come on, man. -eli]

shin: learning wavedashing is one thing using it in battle is a whole another concept.also wavelanding

i'm too good in Calling All Cars. I got more points then the other team combined. holla! haha.

If I remember correctly, there was a SSB Brawl tournament in December. Will that be changing since it isn't coming out in December any more?