Conspiracy of Fools: A True Story

The New York Times calls it “riveting”, a “meticulous dissection of the Enron story.” Kurt Eichenwald weaves together the stories of Enron’s top executives in the years and months leading up to the startling collapse of “America’s best-managed company.”


...which reminds me: The Library now has The Corporation on DVD. Here's a quote from Roger Ebert's review: "It begins with the unsettling information that, under the law, a corporation is not a thing but a person. The U.S. Supreme Court so ruled, in a decision based, bizarrely, on the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. That was the one that guaranteed former slaves equal rights. The court ruling meant corporations were given the rights of individuals in our society. They are free at last. If Monsanto and WorldCom and Enron are indeed people, what kind of people are they?"