Futurama was Matt Groening's other show, a fact that worked both for and against it. On one hand, Groening had honed his craft with The Simpsons, so the characters and storylines of Futurama seem fully-formed from the very first season. On the other hand, though, it was unavoidable that people would approach the show as a second Simpsons and ultimately be disappointed, since the two shows aren't (and weren't meant to be) identical.

Futurama is an extremely funny show, full of the same absurd humor as the Simpsons, but also laden with in-jokes for science fiction fans and fish-out-of-water moments as 20th century boy Philip J. Fry copes with life in the year 3000. Additionally, although it is a comedy, Futurama's writers weren't afraid to end an episode on a melancholy note - "Jurassic Bark" and "Time Keeps on Slipping" are particularly good examples of this. It's too bad that the show was canceled after only four seasons, but at least the DVDs are there to watch again and again.


That Dvd very funny but is kind of inpropriate for little and should have a rating for teens only!