"You can have my book when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers"

Mudflap GirlMudflap Girl

Nothing like a little controversy to start the day. The statewide organization of Wyoming libraries has launched a glossy new ad campaign designed to spark interest in their services. What could possibly be controversial about library advertising? The ads feature a character affectionately referred to as “mudflap girl,” a slinky silhouette of a reclining nude engrossed in a book, adapted from the image frequently seen on the backs of large trucks. Mudflap girl aside, there are some great bumper stickers associated with the campaign (“If you can read this, you might enjoy the library”), and I suppose it does support a good cause...

…what do you think?



Personally, I think the campaign's rather clever. The bumper stickers and billboards grab attention and force people to think about libraries and the benefits they provide. "Mudflap Girl" is a particularly interesting example of commandeering an iconic symbol to encourage people to consider libraries differently, and to consider libraries at all. The Wyoming State Library has produced some other pretty interesting marketing in the past. Washington has some clever work, too.

Personally I prefer the book-riding cowboy here over Mudflap Girl, but I admire the original thinking of the campaign and I'll bet it's getting plenty of attention!