More new Italian fiction

More new Italian fiction:
"Il volo della farfalla" by Adriana Faranda
The story of a former member of the Marxist-Leninist Red Brigade terrorist group who paradoxically finds in prison, the freedom which she was deprived of for many years.
"Quattro giorni per non morire" by Marino Magliani
A thriller set between South America and the region of Liguria. A man who is doubly condemned, by illness and by prison, tries to escape.
"Fai di te la notte" by Giorgio Scianna
One evening after work, Clara decides not to come back home to her two children and husband as usual, but to change her path.
"Il mistero BonBon" by Sergio Staino
Philippe BonBon is a bon viveur, a man courted by women who belongs to the high class of French society. One day his wife and friends start to suspect him, maybe he has a double life, maybe he is a murderer