Do women read more than men? Do younger generations read less?

Pile of BooksPile of Books

This article on NPR does claim that women read more books than men, but what do you think? Is that true for your household? The article also says that despite the Harry Potter phenonmenon, younger generations are reading less. Do you agree? We'd love to hear your thoughts!


I have to be honest, I found the reasoning in this article to be highly suspect. We have no ideas of how the survey from the AP was conducted, which revealed among "avid readers" that women read almost twice as many books as men. We read talk about how "women are more empathetic than men, and possess a greater emotional range—traits that make fiction more appealing to them," but doesn't that just perpetuate the stereotype that non-fiction is dry and fact-filled and fiction is emotional and provocative? A book about history, while not made up, can certainly hold a lot of stylistic similarities to fiction. Also, the comment at the very end of the article, about how kids are reading less... are we supposed to take that as fact? If children read less, as this article claims, what does that mean? They read less books? Less books for leisure? Does it take into account when children read things online, like blogs?

So... no, I don't agree. After a quick Google search of "fiction gap," I found this article that directly addresses the NPR one. It's a little dry and stat-heavy, but it is something of a counterpoint.