One of my favorites

My love of fantasy stories started at an early age. One series that really captured my imagination was Xanth by Piers Anthony. The first story is A Spell for Chameleon about a young man named Bink, a woman named Chameleon, and the evil Magician Trent.

In the land of Xanth, each person must hae a magical power or become exiled to Mundania. Unfortunately, Bink doesn't know what his power is so he must travel to visit Good Magician Humfrey to discover what it is. Thus begins one of the best fantasy series ever written.


That was one of my favorites as a kid too (though possibly of questionable appropriateness looking back). Still, a kid could read a lot worse, and I generally feel that not reading at all is worse than anything else. Ironically, Anthony's style is very appealing to kids, full of easily accessible jokes. I think his earlier books were also better. He's a very scientific man and it's great if you're into that but my brain shuts down sometimes when he goes on one of his more obscure tangents, which are rather incongruously surrounded by frolicking nymphs and ridiculous puns. The puns also took over. It got to be too much after a while. I also have to admit my tastes have changed over time, and I haven't really been able to read one of his books in a long time without losing patience with it, but I will always remember them fondly. In addition I highly recommend his autobiography Bio of an Ogre and his book Letters to Jenny. It got to a point where I was more interested in his author notes than his novels, so these two books of his are my adult favorites. He's had quite a fascinating life.

If you like humorous fantasy I would also highly recommend Terry Pratchett. He's currently one of my favorite authors. Neil Gaiman is another good one, he's darker but his books Good Omens (with Terry Pratchett) and Anansi Boys are also hilarious.